May I Come in Madam 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju troubled by the snake on his leg. He gives the tagline for the underwear. Sanjana and Lalwani like the tagline. Snake charmer calls Sanju and says you took the wrong snake, its not good, you keep him inside the bag. Sanju says fine…. But the snake is outside. Snake charmer says I have given you poisonous naagin by mistake. Sanju shouts and gets on the table. Sanjana and Lalwani get shocked seeing him in shorts. Sanju gets shocked as well. Kashmira and mummy walk in there and get shocked seeing Sanju in shorts…… Lalwani thinks its for underwear ad and praises him.

Later, Kamini welcomes everyone in the tv show. She tells about holi on 23rd March. Kashmira calls mummy. Mummy dances and says I m done. Mummy sings holi song. Kamini says you don’t know

every man is mean, they touch other ladies on pretext of holi, be alert. Kashmira says my Sanju is not like that. Mummy provokes Kashmira and says your Sanju is also of your dad’s type, your dad was bad. Kashmira says Sanju is not of dad’s type. Sanju is leaving for office. Kashmira asks what is he doing on holi. He asks what will I do. Mummy asks will he not apply color to anyone. He says I hate colors, since mummy came in my life, my desire to play holi ended. Bhupesh says you are lying, you celebrated holi with office girls last year.

Mummy tells Kashmira that Sanju is lying, he is not a nice man. Sanju taunts mummy. He says I will leave now, and asks Bhupesh to come. They leave. Kashmira says my Sanju is not like that. Mummy says let holi come, and then see. Kashmira asks why are you shouting, you look good when you get shy. Mummy turns shy and goes.

Sanju gets inside lift seeing Sanjana. Bhupesh misses the lift. Sanju smiles and greets Sanjana. She says someone has thrown water balloon on her. He says such bad people. She says I loved it, its holi. He says sorry. She asks don’t I look good in drenched clothes. He says you look good. She says I like playing holi. He says no, my life is colorless, what will I play with colors. She says I don’t think so. He says I used to play holi a lot before, but when I got married, I hate colors. She says its fine, I will make your life colorful… he asks what. She says by holi colors, I m a big player. He says I can see that, I was asking what game you play. She says holi player. Lift guard plays radio. The song Saamne ye kaun aaya dil/beep me hui hulchul……plays….. Sanju looks at Sanjana. She goes. Sanju asks guard to get the radio repaired.

Sanju scolds peon. Peon turns into boss by wearing goggles. Sanju greets him with respect. Boss asks him whats the problem with peon. Sanju says peon is playing holi in working hours. Boss asks whats his plan. Sanju says nothing, we are poor, colors are costly. Boss says you have colors inside you, you should know to use it. Sanju says I don’t know. Boss says you embarrass someone to turn someone’s face red, blame someone to turn face black, tell someone that your wife has run away to turn face yellow…..if you want to enjoy different colors, turn into chameleon. Sanju says I want to turn your face red with shame. Boss laughs and says no use, I m not ashamed. Sanju asks shall I turn your face yellow. Boss laughs and says my wife run away with yamraj. Sanju scolds him. Boss applies red color to him and runs away. Bhupesh comes and asks Sanju about color. Sanju says boss applied color. Bhupesh says you will be in trouble at home.

Sanjana calls him. He goes to her. She asks what state did he make of himself, you already played holi. He says ill mannered peon did this. She looks at him. He says I mean your daddy applied color to me. She laughs and says Papa was finding someone to make bakra, so its you, he is big player. He says yes, its natural. She says its trailer, you will watch film tomorrow. He asks do you play much holi. She says I love to play holi, but I turn why when anyone runs after me with colors. Sanju fantasizes running after Sanjana with holi colors. She turns shy and smiles. She calls him out and he comes out of his fantasy. She asks are you dreaming that you are playing holi with me. He says yes, no… she says don’t dream, you will really play holi with me tomorrow. He gets glad.

Sanju says I will give up my life if you say. She beats him and asks him to jump. Dadi beats Bhupesh and says I hate holi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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