May I Come in Madam 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Sanju smiling seeing Sanjana. They get inside the lift. He asks how are you. She says not bad, did you slip anytime. He says yes, every person slips sometimes, I also slipped. She says I also believe the same, I think anti slipping chappals are good. He says yes, rainy season is coming, people will need anti slipping chappal. She says don’t take names of rain, I will enjoy a lot in rain by wearing my fav saree and dance, how will you feel. He says I will feel good by seeing you dancing. She says I will make you dance.

He says I don’t like to dance in rain, its too risky, I can slip. She says you are too bore. He says slipping is good, bones are to break. She says cool then, you and I will go out in rain, don’t know when will it rain. Liftman plays radio. They

hear rain can happen tomorrow. Sanjana says awesome. She goes. Sanju congratulates liftman that his radio worked fine today.

Kashmira tells Bhupesh that she has to get papads from terrace as rain has occur anytime. Sanju sees the weather and asks Kashmira to get umbrella, rain can occur, I m getting cold. Sanju argues with Bhupesh. Kashmira says you have high fever. Sanju says no, your brother is useless and saying all this nonsense. She asks Sanju to take rest and not go to office. Sanju asks who will do work. He says Bhupesh can do this, I can’t avoid work. She sends Sanju to room. He asks her to get strong medicines for him. Sanju goes to room and rests. He says why did I get fever today, I thought to enjoy in rain with madam. He gets Sanjana’s call. Sanjana asks him about his health. Sanju says I m partly fine. She says you took my words seriously.

He says yes, even your jokes are very serious. She says I m not coming office today, and jokes. She says you attend the meeting with Bhatia, laugh now. He says sorry, cancel my meet. He says fine and ends call. He says now no need to go office today, madam won’t come. Kashmira gets the strong medicines. He says I won’t go office today, you get a chance to take care of me. Kashmira says fine, I will get tea. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him not to cancel meeting, I m coming office. Sanju ends call and gets up. He tells Kashmira that he will take medicines and go office. He drinks the entire cough syrup. He asks her to make his bag ready.

Sanju goes office and Sanjana comes. She asks are you fine, you don’t look fine. He says I m fine. They get inside the lift. She says I m impressed seeing your dedication for this company. He says I like to work with you and praises her. She says you look ill. He says maybe, touch me and check. She checks his fever. Choolene do….. plays on the radio. Sanjana goes.

Sanju sneezes and waits for rain. Sanju calls weather forecast department. The man says its gambling type, I can’t see it will rain or not, its likely to rain, 50% chances. Sanju sees peon coming with wet clothes and tells the man that its raining, spread the news. He hugs the peon and goes to Sanjana. He asks her to come with him. she says I m on imp call. He says its urgent. She asks whats the matter. He says please come with me. She ends the call and goes with him. He tells her that its raining outside. Boss asks raining, where is it raining. Sanju says you came drenched in rains. Boss says no, I would be at your home, I would have done rain dance with your mum in law. Sanju says you are so fallen. Boss says I got under the damaged tap, I went to repair tap and I got wet. Sanjana scolds Sanju as she can lose imp client because of him. She asks boss not to do this work, he is owner of the place. Boss asks Sanju why don’t you rest in peace.

Sanju goes to Sanjana. She says we get angry on those whom we lost the most. Sanju gets surprised and smiles. Music plays……… He says its okay. She says I m not apologizing. He says sorry. She says the moments for which we are waiting will come.

Sanju and Sanjana try to get rain drops in their hands. She asks him to lean down a little and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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