May I Come in Madam 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going to Sanjana. She says you look great, I like Africans, they have big heart. He dances on Hum kaale hai to kya hua……. She calls him out and his imagination ends. She asks him how did he get his face blackened. He says people came to office and did this. He says our company is getting famous. He says no, I m getting defamed, get this stain cleared. Boss says you need to get washed, I filed FIR. Sanjana asks why. Boss says I can’t forgive Sanju. Sanju says listen to me. Boss says every talk will be in court. Boss goes. Sanjana asks Sanju to go and hide before police comes, change your face, I will find some way, don’t tell this to Kashmira. He agrees and says I m leaving, if I don’t come back, tell the truth to world that I was innocent. She asks him

to go.

Sanju goes home in disguise of a woman and sees some women protesting against him. The women say bad about Sanju, and Sanju defends himself. He goes to Kashmira and she is annoyed with him. Kashmira asks him to leave from this house. He says I did not come here to stay, I came to hide, police is after me. She scolds him. He says I did not do anything, I m innocent, call Dadi, she will understand me, you were there that day when Sanjana came with gifts for me and Bhupesh, Sanjana did this controversy, I gave her idea to save company. Kashmira says I believe you. Mummy asks how will we make world believe. He says I will not go out, else police will catch me. Kashmira says I will prove you innocent. He says leave it, people will forget. She says I won’t.

Sanju calls Sanjana and boss attends call. Boss argues with Sanju. Sanjana comes and takes the phone. Sanju asks her to say truth to boss, I m getting defamed. She says I can’t say this, I don’t want to live in hostel anymore, Papa will remove me from company and not see my face, don’t worry about FIR, nothing will happen.

Its morning, media interviews Sanjana and asks did she do this for publicity as she did not file FIR against Sanju. She says we are ad agency, why will we do this, I gave time to Sanju so that he apologizes to me. Kashmira comes and asks why will he say sorry. She says I m his wife, he is not cheap man, he did not do mistake. Sanjana says Indian woman inside you is saying this. Kashmira says Sanju told me that he is blamed for publicity. Sanjana asks what about nail marks, would a woman do this for publicity. Kashmira says no. Sanjana asks Kashmira to go and beat Sanju.

Kashmira goes home. Sanju sits in his room. Dadi comes there. He gets shocked and says I did not tease anyone, believe me. Dadi beats him. He asks her to understand, I can’t do this cheap thing, leave me. Dadi leaves him and Kashmira comes. She asks how can we get out of this problem. He says I will go jail, as boss filed case against me. Mummy hears this and dances happily. Mummy asks Sanju why did he not say before, I will talk to his boss, even if I have to sacrifice myself. She blushes and runs. Sanjana gets many contracts and is happy. Mummy comes there to meet boss.

Boss meets her and asks why did she come, she would have called him. She says I have to come to request for Sanju. He says it means Sanju has sent you. He says I don’t know the price of forgiving him. she asks him to take revenge, if Sanju has teased Sanjana, you tease me. Boss teases her and says I wanted you to know how woman feels when someone teases her, I will not forgive Sanju.

Mummy comes home and says Sanju’s boss has teased me. Kashmira says its all because of Sanju. Mummy says there will be case on Sanju. Sanju asks Kashmira to find a good lawyer. Mummy says I know such lawyer, who is very good, I will go and wake him up. She goes.

Sanju comes in court and tells boss that his lawyer is coming, such person will fight his case that he will be shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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