May I Come in Madam 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju lying to Kashmira. He says I want to donate vegs. Kashmira says I would have kissed you a lot if you were at home. Sanju goes to office and meets Sanjana. He says wow, you look international chef. She says I can’t be called even local chef, even you look good in chef’s clothes. He lies that he is cooking since childhood. She asks how. He says artists are born, I was born with taste in my hand. She says that’s very inspiring, anyways we will start today’s recipe. He says yes, we are going to make Shahi paneer, main trick is to cut paneer pieces in perfect size, I will teach you.

She says I will cut it, you tell me about spices. He says I have to hold your hand and make you cut pieces specifically. She says go ahead, I will just see, you cut it. He

cuts paneer. She asks whats tricky in it. He asks her to cut onion. His finger gets cut and she cares in his imagination. She says you ruined this tomato.

His finger really gets cut. She asks him to hold tissue and clean it, I can’t see blood. She says just give instructions, I will do it. Sanju says I think you should leave this on low flame for half an hour. She gets the food dish and asks Sanju to taste it and say how is it. He says I m sure its good. She says I told you I will feed food to you by my hands. He says feed it before Bhupesh comes. She says you are scared that Bhupesh will tell Kashmira. He says yes, she doubts a lot. She laughs and asks him to taste the food and say how is it. Sanju eats food. She asks how is it. He gets shocked by the bad taste and says superb. She says this is my first attempt, I can’t believe it, one more bite, will you have it by my hand. He says yes. He dislikes the dish and praises it. She asks him to teach her another dish tomorrow. He says sure. She goes.

Bhupesh comes and asks Sanju are you having food from hotel alone, share it sometimes. Sanju says I got this for you, finish it. Bhupesh says you are a good man and kisses Sanju. Sanju says have it and goes. Bhupesh eats food and spits. He asks whats this dish. He calls peon to get something.

Mummy flirts with boss. Sanju comes and hears mummy. Mummy jokes. Sanju flirts with Kashmira. Kashmira smiles. Mummy asks them to go and romance. Sanju argues with mummy and says Kashmira is my wife, I will romance openly. Kashmira likes it. Mummy asks Kashmira why is Sanju showering love on you.

Sanju says we made food together and it was fun, I thought to continue it, we will go. Kashmira says come. Mummy asks Kashmira to tell him you made dinner already. Kashmira says so what, its not Sanju’s mistake. Mummy asks why did he not call you, why does he make you work after coming home. Kashmira agrees and asks Sanju why did he not tell her. Sanju says its fine, I will make it myself. Mummy asks Kashmira to go and cook.

Next day, Sanju teaches Sanjana to make another dish. Boss comes and asks whats happening. Sanjana says cooking. Boss says I opened ad agency, not cooking agency. Sanjana says Sanju is a great chef and teaching me cooking. Boss says I give much salary to Sanju, he left work and teaching cooking. Sanjana says I m learning this as I want to make good dishes for you. Boss says no, I eat food outside. Sanjana says it means I was eating our chef’s bad dishes alone, I want to cook good dishes like mumma. Boss gets emotional. He says if Sanju teaches you good cooking, then call him mummy.

After some time, boss asks Sanju when did you learn cooking. Sanju says in college days. Sanju scolds him and gets his anger out. Boss says I will fire you. Sanjana gets the dish and says its ready, start it. Boss dislikes it, while Sanju praises falsely. He asks boss to say how is it. Boss also praises it. Sanjana gets glad and runs. Boss says I did not eat such bad dish. Sanju says its too bad. Boss says don’t tell Sanjana, but stop teaching her, Sanjana has no right to cook, do anything.

Sanjana asks Sanju did you not tell Kashmira that you are teaching me cooking since 2 days. Kashmira gets angry and says I know Sanju very well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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