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May I Come in Madam 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhupesh waiting for Sanjana. He says I will go in lift with madam, when will she come. Sanju comes there and sees him. Bhupesh says you came late, I m your senior, call me Sir. Sanju scolds him. Bhupesh asks him not to get angry, madam is going to come, come by other lift or stairs. Sanju says there is much place in lift. Bhupesh says you never had place for me. Sanju argues. Bhupesh taunts on his demotion. Sanju beats him. Sanjana comes and sees their fight. She runs and stops Sanju. She asks him to be away from Bhupesh. Sanjana and Bhupesh take the lift. Sanju gets sad.

Bhupesh teaches Haryanvi to Sanjana. She laughs and says your Haryanvi is so sweet. Sanju comes there and asks may I come in madam. She is busy talking to Bhupesh. Sanju sees Bhupesh sitting

on Sanjana’s chair. Bhupesh asks him to knock door and come, this is not garden. Sanju throws him down the balcony. His fantasy ends. Sanjana asks Sanju to answer. Sanju says I knocked, I heard you laughing and came. Bhupesh asks why, did you come to take joke. Sanju talks in Haryanvi. Sanjana asks him not to speak Haryanvi, it looks pathetic. Bhupesh asks Sanju why did you come. Sanjana says how cute, that’s Haryanvi. Sanju goes crying and jumps down the balcony. His fantasy ends. Sanju asks Sanjana to sign on file. Bhupesh says its small thing. Sanju says its urgent. Sanjana says I m learning Haryanvi from Bhupy. Bhupesh scolds Sanju and asks him to go. Sanjana asks him to tell him alone. She laughs. Sanju laughs.

Mummy and Sanjana see some pics, and comment. Bhupesh asks what are they seeing. Kashmira says a girl for you. He says I chose a girl. Mummy says you will marry my choice of girl. Bhupesh says the girl is my boss, I will become company owner if she marries me. Mummy says you will marry her, if anyone comes in between, I will kill him. Sanju comes home and hears them. Sanju says madam spoke good, it does not mean she will marry you, she talks to me nicely, I can also think anything, I mean she talks to me sweetly, I don’t think such things. Bhupesh says he is jealous of me, mummy come office and fix relation by making madam wear bangles. Mummy says yes, but just Dadi knows about bangles, we have to call Dadi. Bhupesh says Dadi comes by hating one person. Sanju says I won’t do anything. Kashmira asks Sanju to call Dadi. Sanju insults Dadi. Dadi comes there. Mummy and Bhupesh run. Dadi beats Sanju.

Its morning, Bhupesh tells Sanjana that he got small baraat. He asks for her hand. She asks whats the hurry, we can know each other. He says we know each other, will you marry me. She says not like this, I mean our thoughts, future plans, past. He says leave about past, cut the past. She asks why did you do in past. Sanju comes there as a woman, and says he made me pregnant and did not marry me. Bhupesh asks will I make you mum, I already have a mum. Sanjana asks who are you. Sanju says Bhupesh acted to love me, then cheated me. Sanjana asks Bhupesh. Bhupesh says no, I did not cheat anyone. Sanju says Bhupesh added something in my drink and ruined my respect. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to shut up, and scolds him. Bhupesh asks Sanjana to listen. Sanjana asks him to get out of her life and scolds him. Bhupesh goes.

Sanjana asks the lady/Sanju not to get sad. Sanju says I m very happy, I will dance today. Sanjana says if I can contribute for your baby’s education, let me know, thanks. She hugs Sanju. Sanju jumps and goes.

Sanju asks Bhupesh what happened, you look worried, did anything happen with madam. Bhupesh says no, don’t know from where a mad girl came and ruined everything. Sanjana comes there and demotes Bhupesh. Kya se kya hogaya…………..plays……….. Sanjana asks Sanju to sit on his position and promotes him. Sanju thanks him.

Sanju pushes Bhupesh and sits on his chair. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to get out. Bhupesh goes. Sanjana says you and Bhupesh are so different, what are you doing today evening. He says whatever you want me to do. She says we will go to pub today. He says fine, but not that tarot card aunty. She laughs and asks him to get back to work.

Later, Sanju goes to her cabin. She does shayari and he thinks whats happening. She asks how is it. He asks what. She asks about shayari. He asks was this shayari. She asks what did you think, you work in big company and don’t know it. He says sorry. She says you are very innocent. He thanks her. She says you show this, you are very sharp, I like such people. He thinks she has said right. She smiles and looks at him.

Sanjana tells Sanju that she can’t see any loved one sad. Sanju thinks madam’s shoulders will come to me if I appear sad. He tells his plan to Khiloni. Sanjana hears Komal Bhabhi scolding Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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