May I Come in Madam 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju angrily scolding Birju. He asks him to sit well on sofa, its not his throne. Kashmira asks Birju how was the food. Birju says it was tasty. Sanju says you will find it tasty, you won’t that daily to eat. Kashmira asks what. Sanju says I mean its fatty food. He asks Birju when is he doing. Sanjana comes there and greets them. Birju says my day will pass good, seeing you. Sanju asks Sanjana how did she come. Kashmira says I called Sanjana, I m ready to become your wife. Sanju asks whats new in this. Sanjana says I want to become your GF. Sanju asks what are you saying. Kashmira says yes, Sanjana is ready to become your GF for your tradition. Sanju asks really, and hugs Birju. He says I m very happy.

Kashmira says you are getting over happy Sanju. Sanju

says no, I can follow my ancestors tradition, so I m getting happy, I can become king because of madam, nothing else. Sanjana says congrats, we want to talk to Sanju in private. Birju says sure, you can talk to me in private also, I will bless you. Kashmira says we need to talk to you Sanju. Sanju says sure, you both have right now, come with me to my room. He says I can’t believe Sanjana is becoming my GF. Sanjana says you have no idea whats happening. He says I don’t care.

Sanju says I m glad seeing madam’s big heart, she made your way easy. Kashmira says Sanjana did favor on us. Sanjana says its all a drama. Kashmira says yes, else I would have killed you Sanju. Sanju says Dadusa’s heart will break knowing this fake drama. Sanjana says I will do it naturally. Sanju says I wanted natural, whats use now, I mean why did Kashmira drag Sanjana in this. Sanjana says no problem, its benefit for us. Kashmira says Sanjana is my friend and will not see you. Sanju says there will be some possibility. Sanjana says no, I m doing this as Kashmira’s friend and your boss, Kashmira is going to give me 20%. Sanju says I have got trapped in my own plan. They ask when to go to Jhallagad, we will go and claim the kingdom. Sanju thinks how will I get kingdom.

Sanju meets Khiloni. Khiloni asks why are you upset. Sanju says Birju is enoying at my home as king. He drinks and is upset. Khiloni jokes. Sanju asks are you mad, can’t you see my tension. Khiloni asks him to have patience. Sanju says my mind is not working, you give some idea, repay my favors. Khiloni laughs. Khiloni gives some idea. Sanju gets glad.

Its morning, Sanju asks is everyone ready. He taunts in Bhupesh. Bhupesh taunts him back. Mummy asks Maharaj how much more will we have to wait. Birju asks her to have patience. Sanju waits for someone. Sanjana asks did you call horse chariot, for whom are you waiting. Sanju says I m seeing sunlight, we predict time by sunlight. Khiloni comes in disguise of Jhallagad’s soldier. He says I came here by difficulty and found Maharaj here, there is attack on kingdom, and enemies captured our kingdom, enemies have surrounded us and they said you will be beheaded if you come there. Sanju says I told you, problems can come anytime. Sanjana asks what will Maharaj do now. Sanju says its all gone your story is over Maharaj. Khiloni asks Maharaj to come, I will take you to secret place.

Sanjana and Kashmira ask Sanju to support Birju. Birju says yes, where will I go leaving Sanju’s house, I lost kingdom, I will sell vegs and sleep at home. Bhupesh says we will fight and save Jhallagad. Sanju says why will we fight. Sanjana asks whats the problem. Sanju says its big problem. Kashmira asks how will you become king. Sanju says this is not Maharaj, he is veg vendor and I made him king. Kashmira says such a big cheat, who is this soldier. Khiloni says its me Khiloni, why did Sanju risk me. Sanju says I will explain. Sanjana says no need to say, we knew it’s a drama, when I have seen Birju selling veg vendor, I understood. Birju says Sanju gave me money. Mummy slaps Birju and goes.

Sanjana asks Sanju why did he do this. Sanju says I thought if I tell I m from royal family, my respect will increase. Sanjana asks really, come office and see how I ruin your respect. She beats Birju and goes. Sanju asks her to listen. Sanju says I do a lot for you all, I earn for you. Mummy says he did not do right. Sanju says you won’t understand. Dadi comes. Everyone run. Dadi scolds Sanju for breaking her dreams. She beats him.

Later, Sanju dresses in lungi and whistles. He flirts with Kashmira. He plays a song Suhani raat……. They both romance.

Sanjana says I could not sleep all night, Bua slept with me. Sanju says thank God, I mean my bed is always crowded, I would also look tired.

Update Credit to: Amena

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