May I Come in Madam 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Khiloni talking to a man asking him to find Dada ji’s soul. The man says I can see many people here, they are dead, you can’t see them, they can’t see you, don’t get scared. Khiloni pays him money and asks him to see Dada ji. Sanju scolds Khiloni for taking money from his pocket. The man says Dada ji went back, its tough. Khiloni gives more money. The man says it can be easy now, maybe he came, don’t know where is he. Sanju beats the man and Khiloni. He shouts on the fraud.

He goes home. Dadi says you came, wake up early tomorrow, we will go to laughter club. Sanju gets angry and shouts on Dadi. Mummy runs from there. Dadi says how dare you talk to me like this, see what I do. Sanju says sorry Dadi, its because of wine. Dadi slaps him and

says why do you drink so much. He says forgive me. Bhupesh comes as Dada ji. Dadi and Sanju get shocked. Bhupesh says I searched for you, Sanju got some man, I asked him and came here finding you, I got Bhupesh’s body and got inside. Sanju says Bhupesh, I did not know you will risk yourself to save me. Dadi and Dada scold Sanju. Dadi asks Sanju not to wear Dada’s clothes. They sing song and rush. Sanju says I will go office wearing modern clothes tomorrow.

Sanju goes to meet Sanjana in cool style. Sanjana says wow, this is so cool. She touches his hair spikes and they dance on Kanta laga….. Sanjana’s imagination ends. A man asks did you go mad. Sanju goes to Sanjana and shows his cool avatar. She says what is that, go away, leave now. He asks why are you angry, I became new. She says I don’t want anything new in my life, go away. He says you hate everything about me, you demoted me, now I got young and you don’t like this, am I so bad. She says I m sorry, I hate new, because of Rajan, you don’t know what he did with me. He asks why did you not scream. She says I screamed, I was helpless, no one came to help me. Sanju says I will call police and get him punished. She asks what, he left me alone in jungle and run away. Sanju asks what, did he do not wrong with you.

She asks what wrong can happen, its request, I want just you as creative head, change this, its irritating. Sanju says you will get to know same Sanju. She says really, on that note, I want to hug you, we can drop the thought if you don’t like. He says no, I like it, wait, I will check if I m dreaming. He hits his hand and says come on hug me. She says no, I have meeting and goes.

Dadi calls him and says your Dada fought with me and left, come home wearing Dada’s clothes. He gets angry. Its morning, Bhupesh asks mummy dud she take his shaving cream. She says why will I take, I don’t get beard. He says who took it. She asks did Sanju steal it. Bhupesh says I have stolen it from Sanju. He goes. Veg vendor comes and sees mummy sitting and exercising. He says nothing will happen like this, come and have veg. Kashmira goes to buy veg. He gossips about neighbours. He says Sharma and his wife were having divorce, but they went on mini honeymoon, since they came back, they are very happy. She likes the idea. She asks mummy to go, she has to talk to Sanju. Mummy laughs and goes.

Kashmira tells Sanju that they are going on mini honeymoon. He asks what, forget it, no need. She argues and says you will take 3-4 day leaves. She goes.

Bua asks who made this breakfast. Chedi says I made. Bua says its too bad, why did Sanjana not make it. He says Sanjana does not know cooking. Bua asks Sanjana why does she not learn to have food. Sanjana says I will learn when I have to marry. Bua says groom’s family is coming to see you today. She asks Sanjana to get ready and don’t do any drama, everyone has to do what I say. Sanjana says fine. Chedi asks can I do something. Bua says yes, make veg salad. She asks Sanjana to learn dish from her, leave office, it won’t matter if you go late.

Sanjana comes office and says whats Bua’s problem, why is she sending me pictures. Sanju comes. She says Sanju is solution of my every problem. He greets her. She calls him handsome. He asks really. She says I never lie. He thanks her and says Lalwani is going to come for his new ad. She asks did you make tagline. He says yes, and tells her. She laughs.

He says Kashmira planned to go on mini honeymoon, I want 4-5 days. She says how will I manage, who will do work at office. He says I m family man, Kashmira is not listening. She thinks her plan will flop.

Lalwani shows glue and says it can join even people. Sanjana applies the glue to her hand. Sanjana tells Bua that Sanju’s hand got glued to my hand. Bua slaps Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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