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May I Come in Madam 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts peon coming to call Sanju. Sanju hides in bathroom. Peon asks him to come out, how long will he sit in bathroom. Sanju asks him to use any other bathroom. Peon says madam is calling you. Sanju says fine, I will come. Peon tells him to shut the window, there are many monkeys troubling. Sanju hears the monkeys and says they already troubled.

Sanju goes out without pants and looks outside. He hides seeing the staff. He runs hearing female staff. He gets inside lift. Lift Guard looks at him and plays song Samandar me nahake aur bhi namkeen hogai ho…… Sanju goes to cabin and sees Bhupesh working. He thinks what to do. He acts normal and goes to his seat. He sits and covers up. Bhupesh asks where did you go. Sanju says fields… Bhupesh irritates him. Sanju says I m

angry, I will not leave you. Bhupesh asks whats the matter. Sanju scolds him.

Sanju asks him to take money and go to have kachoris. Bhupesh says you are a good man and goes. Kashmira calls him and asks why are you disconnecting my call. He says I m in meeting. She asks what meeting, I want to go for movie. Mummy says we are coming. Kashmira says we are coming right away. Sanju asks her not to come. Mummy asks Kashmira to ask is job dear to him than her. Kashmira asks him. Sanju says if I lose job, you will miss costly sarees, then makeup products, think someone in our house loves food, maybe she will die by hunger. Kashmira says you know I like to joke. Mummy tells Kashmira that you got scared. Kashmira says if Sanju leaves job, it will be problem. She asks Sanju to finish his meeting, they will come. Peon comes to Sanju and asks is everything fine. Sanju says life is not fine. Peon asks why. Sanju asks did you marry ever. Peon wears goggles and changes into boss. He asks what do you think, Sanjana is…. Sanju says sorry. Boss scolds Sanju. Sanju asks him to get coffee. Boss turns into peon and says sure Sir. He goes.

Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him to come in conference hall in 2 mins, she is waiting for meeting. Sanju calls Khiloni and says I m stuck in big problem, no my wife did not catch me with madam, I lost my pant, will you get one, bring it fast, do anything, what? Can’t you bring, you are away. He scolds him. peon comes and asks Sanju to come, madam is calling. Sanju scolds him. peon wears goggles and asks whats this way, Sanjana is waiting, you are sitting here like cow dung. Sanju says sorry.

Sanjana comes and asks Sanju why is he coming for meeting, why is he sitting like snake on kundli. Sanju thinks what to do. Boss says he is not even standing. Sanju says sorry, I can’t stand. Boss asks why. Sanju says my legs got numb. Boss removes goggles and turns into peon. He says I will massage your legs with oil. Sanju says no need. Sanjana says Papa, massage oil to Sanju’s legs, make him fine, hurry up. Sanju worries.

Kashmira and mummy reach office. Kashmira calls Sanju and says we are in lift. He asks why, I told you I can’t come. She says stop drama, I m your wife and will take you. He says I won’t come, go with your mummy. Power goes. Kashmira turns into Dadi. Mummy gets scared. Sanju screams. Snake gets out of bag and goes. Dadi beats the lift guard. Guard screams.

Peon brings oil. Sanju says you are elder, whatever, peon or boss, I don’t want any elder to touch my legs. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. He says great, you have good values, apply the oil soon so that you can stand soon. Bhupesh waits for lift. Dadi throws guard outside and drags Bhupesh. She beats him.

Sanjana asks Sanju how is his legs now. He says I applied oil, but I m not fine. She asks what work did he do, maybe he works less with legs so they are getting numb. He says you can say that. She says come to me daily, I will make you workout in gym, I will make you run one hour. He says fine. She says I think we should do presentation here itself, Lalwani will come, show must go on. Sanju says okay, I will bear it, I mean I will say it. In lift, Dadi beats Bhupesh, while mummy freezes in fear.

Power comes in lift. Kashmira asks what happened Bhupesh. Bhupesh says you won’t know, and curses Dadi. Lalwani comes to Sanju’s cabin. Sanju says sorry, I can’t stand. Lalwani says don’t worry, this happens with me too sometimes. He asks Sanju to give ad idea soon for the underwear product. Sanju says the lines. Snake tune plays on phone. Snake comes out of the bag. Sanjana keeps the phone on silent. Snake gets on Sanju and he laughs by tickling.

Kashmira asks Sanju what is he doing on holi. Sanju says I m not planning anything and taunts mummy. Sanjana invites Sanju to play holi with her. Sanju gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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