May I Come in Madam 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting jealous seeing Janu and Kashmira. Janu compliments Kashmira’s cooking skills. Kashmira smiles. Khiloni, mummy and Bhupesh also look on. Sanjana asks for salt and goes to get. Kashmira says you won’t get it, I will come. Sanju says don’t go, let Janu come, then you go. She says you are narrow minded. Sanju says I m broad minded. Kashmira goes. Khiloni tells Sanju that both of them have fire. Sanju asks him to sit and have food. Mummy asks Bhupesh what are they discussing. Sanju asks mummy to see whats going on. Kashmira and Sanjana come back. Sanju sees lipstick mark on Janu’s cheek. Sanjana drops the spoon, and gets down along Kashmira. Sanju says salt is fine, and gets sad.

Its night, Sanju asks Kashmira are you awake, and thinking about

Janu. She asks why will I. He gets romantic. She says I m getting sleep. He says fine, sleep and sees her chatting with Janu.

Its morning, Sanju meets Sanjana. He is angry. She asks why is he worried. He says sorry, I need to talk about Janu, he is your brother, but he has no qualities like you. She says its there, drinking, I also drink daily. He says but Janu is a bad guy. She says even I m bad. He says he does not focus on work. She says yes, he focuses on married women, he lost three jobs after having affairs of the manager’s wife. She tells how Sharma found Janu cute and took him home, then Sharma stopped Janu from coming home, then Sharma had a baby whose face was like Janu. Sanju imagines Kashmira showing their baby, with Janu’s face. He gets shocked.

Sanju says its too much now, I said I m broad minded and this is going overhead, I have to explain Janu once. Janu comes there. Sanju says Kashmira is a married woman, they have a limit. Janu says so what. Sanju asks him to spare Kashmira. Janu says you called yourself broad minded. Sanju says so what, shall I leave my wife. Kashmira comes and meets Janu. Sanju says I m also here. Kashmira says I meet you daily. She says I got Janu’s fav aloo parathas and feeds him.

Sanju gets jealous. Kashmira says I m lucky to have a broad minded husband like Sanju, love you. Its night, Sanju drinks with Khiloni and shares the problems. Khiloni says I respect Kashmira, but Janu has something special in him, she likes Janu. Sanju says I won’t let this happen. Khiloni asks him to tell Kashmira that I love you, I m not broad minded.

Sanju goes home and asks Janu to get lost. Sanjana asks why do you look angry. Kashmira says he is watching tv. Sanju says I have right to be close to you, I m narrow minded. Kashmira asks why, you were board minded. Sanju says I get angry when my wife talks to any stranger man, I m not broad minded. Janu thanks him and removes his moustache. Sanjana says we wanted to hear this truth, so Kashmira and I did this acting, I enjoyed it. He says madam you….. Sanjana says yes, I m Janu, its easy to tell your wife that she is narrow minded. He says sorry. She says no, I enjoyed it, thanks to you, have fun. Sanju says sorry, I pulled your cheeks a lot. She says come office tomorrow, and goes. Sanju apologizes to Kashmira. Kashmira forgives him. They say I love you and hug. Mummy and Bhupesh come there. Sanju scolds them. Dadi comes in Kashmira, and talks to Sanju. She dances. He asks her to beat him.

Its morning, Kashmira cooks dal and does tadka. Sanju says stop this tadka. He says I did not get good sleep, weather is bad, I wanted to see rain, but there is heat. She asks him not to go in rain, Dadi dislikes rain, she died in rainy season. He asks how many times did she die. She says let me explain, Dadi fell by slipping in rain, she said no one here can go out in rain. He says don’t feel bad, Dadi is jealous and makes us not do anything. Dadi comes in Kashmira and scolds him. Sanju asks will you get annoyed if I go in rain. She says yes.

Sanjana tells Sanju that she loves rain, I will wear my fav saree and dance a lot in rain. He says I will have fun seeing you dancing in rain. She asks him to dance with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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