May I Come in Madam 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming home. He gets shocked seeing Sanjana at his home. Kashmira asks who is cheating. Sanjana says the one who trapped you in love. Sanju is drunk and greets Sanjana. Sanjana says I was explaining Kashmira not to fall for that man, he is trapping Kashmira by his innocent face. Sanju says I m trapped, I don’t trap anyone. Sanjana says Kashmira, he is not Sanju, I m talking about the pic you uploaded on FB yesterday. Sanju says leave it. Sanjana says no, Kashmira has to know. She shows pic to Kashmira. Kashmira says he is Sanju, he helps poor in this getup.

Sanjana asks Sanju was he playing with her feelings by being love guru. He says I did not do anything, I wanted you to find your love, I did not say I love you, you wanted to marry love guru. Dadi comes

and asks will you get beaten now, or after Sanjana leaves. Sanjana smiles. Sanju says after Sanjana laves.

Later, Kashmira asks Sanju what does he do in office, if he works here. He says I sell corn in office. Sanjana comes there. Kashmira asks her to come. Sanju asks Sanjana how did she come. Sanjana says I came to give you gifts. Sanju says I m best employee. Sanjana says other gift is for Bhupesh, I have sold my company, there is tough competition, there is no profit. Sanju gets shocked and asks how can I live without you, I mean your company. Sanjana says you can work anywhere else. He says you should have managed company, you can’t lose so soon. Sanjana asks do you have any idea to save my company. Sanju thinks and says yes, I got an idea, we have to shift people’s focus towards office, create some controversy, that everyone takes our company’s name. Sanjana says that’s a great idea, we have to think of some controversy, Kashmira get a cup of coffee for me, I will get ideas. Kashmira goes.

Sanjana gets close to Sanju and says you are a great man, you will come office tonight. He asks what will happen. She says I will tell later and hurts his shoulder. Kashmira gets coffee. Sanjana says Papa called me, I have to leave. She leaves. Kashmira asks Sanju did he get idea. Sanju says I hope I will get idea tonight.

Its morning, Sanjana talks to media and tells them that she has bitten that creep with her nails. The reporter says she is helpless woman but she has hurt that man. Sanju comes and thinks did anything wrong happen with madam. Sanjana says he is that devil. Reporter asks Sanju to say. Sanju says I did not do anything. Sanjana says he will have my nail bites on his shoulder. The reporters see the marks and ask Sanju how did this happen. Sanju says I will answer, I want to talk to madam. Reporter asks why does he want to talk to madam. Sanjana says chill, wait, come Sanju.

Sanju says you called me office and you did not come, whats happening. She says you said controversy, this is it. He asks why did you do this with me. She says I trust you. He says fine, what about Kashmira. She says calm down, our company will get stable then I will tell media that everything got fine, else I would have called police. Sanju says thanks, I will be quiet. Sanjana sees reporters and acts. Reporters catch Sanju and say he looks innocent. Sanju scolds them. He gets in news.

Mummy gets friend’s call and tells Kashmira that Sanju is on every news channels. Kashmira says I told you he will do big thing one day. They get shocked seeing the news of Sanju trying to molest Sanjana. He is tagged a devil. Sanju comes home and asks for food. Kashmira cries and asks how did you try to ruin Sanjana’s respect. He says listen to me, you don’t trust me, news channel add spice. Kashmira asks him to leave from this house, else Dadi will come. Sanju leaves.

He meets Khiloni and asks for some idea. Khiloni says madam did this, ask madam to give you place to sleep, maybe she will give place in her arms. Sanju calls him very mean and creepy, but he gives good ideas. Sanju calls Sanjana and says Kashmira kicked me out of the house, I have no place, can I stay at your house. She says no, I can’t keep a devil at my home. He says you know I m innocent. She says world does not know this, all our plan will fall. He says fine, whats the use then, I will sleep on road.

Sanjana says that’s the spirit, there are so many inquiries, you have to come office, our company will go on top by more controversies, good night, sleep well. Khiloni asks what happened, did she refuse. Sanju says take me to your home. Khiloni asks are you mad, what will people say. Kanchan asks Sanju why did she not tease her. Khiloni says Sanju is busy, I m free, I will tease you. Kishore comes and says I will give you a chance, who is teasing my wife. He sends Kanchan inside home. Khiloni says Sanju is teasing her, he is on news channels. Sanju scolds Khiloni. Kishore beats Sanju. Khiloni runs away.

Some men come to protest at office to stop eve teasing. They catch Sanju. Sanju asks whats happening. The men call him devil and blacken his face. They take his pic and leave. Sanju says my face got blackened, now I will raise a voice.

Boss says I filed FIR against Sanju. Sanju asks him to hear. Sanju asks Kashmira to find a lawyer for him. Mummy says I know a good lawyer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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