May I Come in Madam 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana saying Bobby is so superstitious. He says he is innocent man. She says I called doctor, he will check and say I m not pregnant. Doctor comes and greets her. Sanju and Sanjana tell the entire matter. The doctor says congrats, you are pregnant. She asks are you insane, how can you tell this without checking me. Doctor says I trust that bagicha baba. Sanjana says I don’t believe this. Doctor says pregnancy result will come after a week, congrats, have a nice day. She says if this is true, then….

Bobby talks to Sanju about something imp. Sanju gives him account details to get 3 crores. Bobby tears the paper and says I was thinking all night…. Kashmira gets food for him. Bobby asks him to get light food. She goes. Sanju asks what did you think.

Bobby says I thought that….. Mummy comes for breakfast. She asks why are you staring at me. Bobby says Kashmira is working hard, go and help her in kitchen. Mummy goes. Kashmira says Bobby made you leave also, I m sure he is upto something.

Bobby says I thought a lot and finally decided that we should make Kashmira leave house and Sanjana…. Mummy gets juice. Sanju asks her to go. She goes. Bobby says I was saying we should get Sanjana as bahu. Sanju asks what are you saying, madam will fire me, I mean Kashmira, Sanjana is angry on her, now Kashmira is my wife. Bobby says but Sanjana was your first wife, Sanjana will give us grandchild, we can have food a hotel, Kashmra is saying such bad english. Sanju worries.

Kashmira hears them and comes. She gets paratha. Bobby asks her to get more paratha. She kicks Sanju and goes. Bobby asks him to get Sanjana home.

Sanjana sits to have breakfast. Sanju comes there. He says I got chaat for you. She says wow, what did you get this time. She likes the chaat. She asks what favor do you want this time. He says I m not so bad to ask for favor always, I will add lemon in it. She says ya I love it, I m having chaat breakfast after many days, tell me what is it. He says nothing, I got matar parathas. She says wow, I love it, this is amazing, thanks for treat, now say it.

Sanju says can you become my wife in front of Bobby uncle for a day. She says yes. She throws things at him. He runs and thanks her. Its night, Bobby says no one will make you leave from this house, don’t worry Kashmira. Bobby makes Sanju to double Kashmira’s salary. He asks where is lawyer. Khiloni comes as lawyer and greets Bobby. Bobby asks Khiloni does he has LLB degree. Khiloni says no, all my family has it.

Bobby says he looks patient, he should sit at medical store. Khiloni says I hate it, I mean close to medical stores.He gives divorce papers to Sanju. Sanju says its real. Khiloni says something should be real, I will tear it, don’t worry. Bobby asks Sanju to sign. Khiloni gives pen. Sanju signs and asks Kashmira to sign. Kashmira signs. Khiloni says congrats for divorce, I will submit papers in court. Bobby takes papers and asks Khiloni to go. He says I will submit papers and get them divorced tomorrow. I know judge, now Sanju can plan marriage with Sanjana. Sanju smiles. Bobby asks Kashmira to clean house.

Sanju explains Kashmira that Bobby will not make you leave this house. She says I will call Bhupesh and make you leave. He argues. Dadi comes and slaps him. He says this is cheating. She asks shall I beat Bhupesh. He says no, just beat me. Dadi beats him. Sanju shouts. Bobby hears Sanju screaming. Bobby asks is everything fine. Sanju says yes. Bobby asks him to open door. Sanju says time please Dadi. Dadi says explain him from here. Sanju opens door and asks what happened. Bobby asks what happened. Dadi holds Sanju. Sanju says I was explaining Kashmira, you go and rest. Bobby says fine, explain her and come. Dadi beats Sanju. Sanju says why will I make Kashmira leave, knowing you will always beat me. Dadi goes. Kashmira asks Sanju to solve this matter soon.

Everyone dance in function. Chedi sings Sapne me milti hai…. Bobby makes Sanju and Sanjana dance. Kashmira looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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