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May I Come in Madam 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Birju selling vegs. Sanjana comes to Sanju’s locality and sees him. He hides his face. She says I think I have seen you before and heard your voice. He makes excuses. She asks him to show his face. He says I don’t show face to stranger women. Sanjana says see that boy is stealing potato. She says Maharaj ji you here. Sanju comes and sees him. Sanjana asks him what is your Dada ji doing here, he is selling vegs. Sanju says he is doing this part time business, he is Maharaj, this is our tradition to lead simple life, I m also doing ordinary job, did you see royal signs in me. Birju says never.

Sanjana asks him to tell more of his family tradition. He says whenever you meet Dadusa, you will get surprises. Sanjana asks Birju about playing veg vendor role.

Birju says no, I m doing Maharaj role. Sanju says he is very grounded. Sanjana says really great. Birju asks her to think of GF tradition. She says you are saying that again. Sanju asks Sanjana how did you come here. She says I was passing by and came to pick you, come office on time. She goes.

Sanju asks Birju why is he selling vegs behind his house, if madam identifies you, she will know everything. Birju says I m doing this for money. Sanju says I m giving 2000rs. Birju says give me 2 lakhs. Sanju scolds him and goes. Birju says Kashmira did not see my face, and sells vegs to him. Kashmira greets him as Maharaj and Dada ji. Birju says this does not suit you. Kashmira says why are you worried, I came to know everything, you have hidden face yesterday, come with me, I will explain everything. He asks what are you doing.

Kashmira asks Sanju to guess who came. He asks her not to settle anyone from her Maayka. She says its your Dada ji who sells veg vendor, Sanjana called me and told everything. She says its not good to bring him out. She says why, love will increase if he comes. Sanju says he is king, what does he have. She says queen. He says he has Rajya, our cousins are dying to become king, they attack anywhere, its better to be away from Dadusa, his army is spread, Dadusa roams here and there. He cooks a story and says make him go away, I have also run away from kingdom. She says Dada ji will feel bad. He says we have to think of our family, if anyone attacks then, be away from him. Mummy asks Birju to say a sher. Birju asks shall I give two kig onion. Bhupesh asks what were you talking. Sanju asks shall I say sher, and tells that king and queen were mad and died. He calls Bhupesh as monkey.

He tells Dadusa that Praja is calling him back. Birju says I have to talk to bahu, Sanju’s GF…. Kashmira asks what, Sanju’s GF. Birju says we have old tradition in our family, King has a wife and one lover. Kashmira says no, this can’t happen, its wrong. Dadusa says its old tradition, else we will lose Raj. Mummy says no, this can’t happen. Dadusa tells Kashmira that you will be his wife, queen, you should sacrifice for Sanju’s prosperity. Bhupesh asks her to sacrifice. She slaps him. She says Dada ji I will think and say. Mummy says Maharaj should stay here. Kashmira and Bhupesh also say same. Sanju scolds Bhupesh. He says Dadusa has much work, will you stay here. Birju says I will stay here. Mummy says I will show my room. Bhupesh says give Sanju’s room. Sanju says no, leave my room. Kashmira says let him stay well, come Dada ji, I will send juice. Birju asks Kashmira to remember GF matter. She agrees.

Birju rests on Sanju’s bed. Mummy gives juice and flirts with him. She says I wanted to see your palace. He says I will show some day. She says I like your wife and GF tradition, its good. He asks so? She says I was asking if this tradition is for you also, do you have a GF. He says luckily no, I just have wife, do you have BF. She says no, I m pure like Ganga, I don’t know any boy. Boss calls her. She answers and asks who is it, why are you calling me. Boss asks her how is she talking, I have feelings for you. Mummy talks rude to him and ends call.

Birju asks Mummy who was it. Mummy says what shall I say, someone thinks he is boss. Bhupesh comes in vest. Mummy asks him why did he come like this. He says this is my massage costume, I think Maharaj Dada is tired, so I came to do his massage. Birju says you have great values to your son. Bhupesh asks him to take him to palace. Birju says sure, right now I have ache in legs. Mummy and Birju sign each other. She smiles and goes.

Sanju thinks Birju is really thinking he is king, he slept in my room and made me out of the room, he got inside my house and I can go to his stall. Kashmira asks what is he thinking. He asks does a king snore like this. She says you are next king. He says I m happy like this. She says our life will get set, I m going mad thinking of it. He says yes, even I m going mad thinking of traditions, GF one. She scares him of Dadi. He asks her to think. Kashmira thinks Sanju will become king, I will become queen, but what about getting his GF, I will not leave Sanju, what to do.

Kashmira tells Sanju that she has spoken to Sanjana. Sanjana tells Sanju that she wants to become his GF. He gets pleasantly surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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