May I Come in Madam 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting ready in cool clothes. Chedi asks him to come fast. Sanju says I m looking so good, when madam sees me, she will like me. He gets shocked seeing Dadi there. Dadi says you were going to work. Sanju asks what are you doing in gents toilet. She asks him why is he saying after mistake, I told you to be Dada and wear traditional clothes. He says this is office, I have to work. Chedi asks Sanju to come first. Sanju scolds him. Dadi slaps Sanju and asks him to become Dada.

Sanju says kill me. Dadi says I will hide you here forever, go now. She keeps on slapping him. Sanju wears traditional clothes of Dada ji. Sanjana talks to client. She says I trust my creative head’s ideas, you will be surprised seeing him. Sanju comes. Sanjana gets shocked. The man

says I think he will say old ideas. Sanju says fashion is like boomerang, it goes and comes. Sanjana says that’s a great idea. The man says what great idea.

Sanjana says fine, Sanju will say new idea. The man says I should find new ad agency. He leaves. Sanjana asks how dare you Sanju, I told you too look funky, whats this. Sanju says its not my mistake, I did not hear Chedi well. She scolds him.

Dadi likes Sanju and asks him to be in this clothes. She sends him. Its night, Sanju meets Khiloni and tells Dadi’s problem. Khiloni gives him idea to trouble everyone and spoils Dada’s character, so that Dadi never asks him to become Dada, do bad things infront of Dadi, Dadi will get annoyed. Sanju likes the idea. He says I will burn Dada’s image infront of Dadi. Bhupesh tells Kashmira about Dada.

Sanju comes as Dada. Dadi comes and meets Sanju. Sanju says I got drunk, I will get drunk every day. He thinks Dadi is getting angry. Khiloni’s idea is working, I should continue. Sanju goes to mummy and talks cheaply. Dadi gets angry. Mummy and Bhupesh run away. Dadi says I thought to refuse you not to become Dada. Sanju says I will stop drama. Dadi says no, you revived my memories, even your Dada used to do this, there is no difference between you and Dada, till your Dada comes, you have to be Dada. He gets sad.

Its morning, Sanju comes office and gets beaten by Dadi. Chedi sees the design. Sanju says client should see design, not my look. Client leaves. Sanju takes boss’ specs to stop him. Sanjana comes and says Sanju came in this getup again. Chedi says client has seen Sanju and went. Sanju apologizes and says I m helpless. She gets angry and says we lost big contract. He says its better, whats the use to work for people who sees clothes than person, I m hurt, you get unfair because of business. Sanjana says I love your olden look.

He says you have soft corner for me. She says yes, I want to ride you, become horse, my Dada ji used to become horse for me. She sits over his back. His imagination ends. Sanju asks him to get up. He asks what were you saying. She says personally, this look is fine, how will this work professionally, why did you come like this. He says sorry, I know I have hurt your heart, punish me. She says I will punish you to make you feel wish, go out and sit.

Sanjana gets a replacement for Sanju. Sanju sits out. Chedi jokes on Sanju and laughs. Sanju comes home at night and everything ended. He goes to sleep. Kashmira comes and asks what happened. Sanju says your Dadi will come. She says we will sing romantic song. He says Dadi ruined my life, got demotion. Dadi comes and slaps him. He says I was saying Kashmira that you liked me as Dada, and I m glad seeing you happy. Dadi asks him to get ready, they will go temple.

Its morning, Sanju comes office and coughs. The new creative head Rajan asks Sanjana to come for a forest tour. Sanju talks like Dada ji. Sanjana asks why are you talking like Dada ji. He says my time is going on bad. Rajan says we will go and do packing. She goes.

Kashmira scolds Sanju. He says sorry, forgive me. Bhupesh comes as Dada. Sanju gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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