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May I Come in Madam 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Sanjana camping. She sings a song. He acts like a girl and asks Sanjana when is she going to take bath. He says its different fun to have bath under fountain now. She asks why are you after me. He says sorry if you felt bad. She says I m very happy, I wanted to share something, I did not have any friend, I feel I found my true friend. He says same pinch. She says I was thinking, if we avoid, money and job come in friendship after some point, I don’t want to lose you. He says I want to get you, I mean I don’t want to lose you. She asks him to leave job. He asks what. She says I need a man for a job, you are thinking as woman. He says no, I will think as a man.

She says I don’t want you to live dual life. He says I will adjust. She says I don’t want

you to adjust. Kashmira keeps a kitty party. Mummy asks the lady about her husband. Kashmira says enough, we will play tambola. Sanju comes home. Kashmira asks is he coming from canteen. He says no. She says I called my friends to make you meet them, come and join us, play tambola, you started behaving like ladies, so we started this kitty for you. Sanju plays with them and they laugh.

Sanju goes to meet Sanjana. Sanjana asks him not to be formal, we are friends. Sanju says I did not come to talk as friend, don’t fire me from job. Sanjana says you have become like lady, this won’t work for your job. He says I will think as a man. She says no, you admitted you have pain to think as a man. He says I will get away from you. She says we will go for camping. He says I won’t have salary and come on road. Sanjana says I thought about it. He says I was acting. She asks him to spill the beans. He tells her that he tried to give her happiness by becoming her friends. She says I m really hurt. He says sorry. She says you are lying to save your job. He says no, I m a man, I have no woman in me. She asks him to prove it. He asks her to beat him, man does not get pain. She says fine and beats him. Havan kund…..plays………

Sanjana asks did you get hurt. He screams and comes out of his fantasy. She asks why are you screaming, man does not feel pain. Boss comes and asks Sanju to take his accounts. He asks for kitty women numbers, else cheque will bounce.

Khiloni comes to Sanju and shows the jhumkas. Sanju scolds him and says I lost my job, I m packing my stuff, madam wants a man for this job. Khiloni asks him to tell truth to Sanjana. Sanju says I told her, she is not believing. Khiloni asks him to prove it by doing something, go and tease any girl. Sanju asks why are you taking revenge, I will go jail by teasing a girl. Khiloni says I have a great idea, calm down, come with me.

They go and meet Komal. Komal says fine, I m ready to help. Sanju says my boss fired me, I m giving her farewell party and called her home, you have to blame me that I have teased you. She asks how. Khiloni gives her wine. Sanju signs Khiloni. She drinks wine and says fine, neighbors come to help, but you know I m very nice and don’t lie, I will not lie that you teased me, you have to really tease me. Khiloni asks Sanju to tease her fast. Sanju says I did not tease any girl till now. She asks him to whistle. Sanju tries. Komal laughs and whistles.

Khiloni asks Sanju to say something. Sanju tries again. Komal says so sweet…. Khiloni says I will show how to tease… She slaps him and scolds angrily. She goes. Sanju says she really got annoyed, if madam and boss comes and Komal does not come, I will not leave you.

Sanjana and boss come to meet Sanju. Sanju says I was waiting for some guests. Sanjana asks Kashmira not to get upset, be happy that Sanju has all qualities of a good friend. Kashmira asks where will I get my husband. Boss says husband becomes servant after some years of marriage, adjust this anyhow. Mummy asks Sanju to do mujra to entertain guests. Sanju asks mummy what is she saying. Boss says she is great lady, entertain us if she is saying.

Komal comes there and blames Sanju that he has teased her. She asks Kashmira to manage Sanju. They all get shocked. Komal tells them how Sanju teased her, and she is shy to say more. She runs from there. Kashmira scolds Sanju. Sanju asks whats the big deal, I m a man, will I tease any goat then. Sanjana says this is so disgusting, you are accepting this infront of your wife, I really did not expect this from you. Sanju says I know, I told you, I did all that to help you, you were feeling alone and needed a friend, I did this at home to make her realize that I can understand woman’s pain being a man, but I will always be a man, which I realized after teasing Komal. Mummy says Sanju would have teased Kashmira too. Boss flirts.

Sanju asks shall I come office tomorrow, its proof I m man. Sanjana says yes, its proved what you are, and yes you can come back, I will need some time to see you with normal way, there is no farewell now. She goes. Boss flirts with Kashmira’s mum. He leaves too. Sanju says my job got saved. Dadi comes in Kashmira. Mummy screams and runs. Sanju says sorry Dadi, I will not tease anyone else. Dadi says call my friend. He says I lied. She says come with me, I will beat you. He gets beaten up.

Sanju greets Sanjana. She asks how is your mum in law. He says she is fine, her kidneys failed. Boss reacts to this news and gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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