May I Come in Madam 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju, Sanjana and Khiloni drinking. Sanju pulls Sanjana/Janu’s cheek and calls him cute. He tells Khilni that Janu is Sanjana’s cousin brother, I have relation with him. They all drink. Sanjana drinks a lot. They have a talk about Sanjana. Kashmira comes. Sanju introduces Janu and says she is your aunty. Sanjana says she is my Bhabhi, not aunty. Kashmira smiles. Sanjana says I need to go bathroom. Sanju says you are like our kid, come back soon. Sanjana goes. Sanju says Janu’s face is very cute. Khiloni asks do you wish to have affair with him. Sanju calls him dirty minded. Khiloni asks did SJanu sleep in bathroom, go and see.

Sanju says yes, I will go and see. He goes home. Sanjana tells Kashmira that Sanju will come. Sanjana rests in Kashmira’s lap.

Sanju gets shocked seeing them. Kashmira asks what are you doing here. Sanju reminds this is his house too. He gets insecure and asks Janu will he come out or be here. Sanjana says I m overdrunk, I had headache, Bhabhi ji made me relieved, you go, I will come. Kashmira asks Sanju what happened, you are broad minded. Sanju says yes, I m broad minded, come out Janu. He goes. Kashmira and Sanjana laugh. Kashmira asks did Sanju get hurt. Sanjana says no, we will hurt him now. Kashmira and Sanjana thank each other and laugh.

Its morning, Sanjana comes to office. Sanju sees her and runs to greet her. She asks all fine. He says yes. She asks how did you feel meeting Janu. Sanju says he is very cute boy, I m glad meeting him. They get inside the lift. She says Janu said you were pulling his cheek a lot. Sanju says yes, I see you in him. she says you can pull my cheeks directly, come on. He pulls her cheeks. His imagination ends. She asks him why is he pulling liftman’s cheeks. She says I got to know you invited Janu at home. Sanju says yes. She says you should have asked me once. He asks what do you mean. She says Janu is loose character. He says no, he is cute, just like you. She asks do I know him better or you. He says you. She says Janu is clever, but looks innocent. He asks what shall I do now. She asks him to just see what Janu does now. She goes. Sanju gets worried. Liftman asks him not to pull his cheeks from today.

Sanju says I took Janu as he is a kid, he got after my wife. Sanjana meets Sanju as Janu, and thanks him for making him meet Kashmira, she is very beautiful. Janu praises Kashmira. Sanju says enough, no need to praise her more, she is your Didi. Janu says she is not your Didi, she is my Bhabhi, she is not like my mum. Sanju asks then what do you think of her. Janu gets Kashmira’s call and tells Sanju. Sanjana goes. Peon gets tea for Sanju. Sanju asks him to add poison in it. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. He asks Sanju what was he saying to peon. Sanju says I think Janu is not a good guy. Boss says all the children are bad in our family, tell me what’s the problem. Sanju says nothing and asks peon to change tea. Boss turns to peon and goes.

Kashmira comes to office and acts with Sanjana. Sanju sees them going in lift and tries to stop. He runs by stairs and sees them hugging. He stops Kashmira and asks why did she not meet him. Kashmira says sorry, I came to meet Janu. She asks are you doubting on me. Janu says why will he, he is broad minded. Sanju laughs and says yes, I m broad minded. Kashmira gives a kiss to Janu and goes. Sanju asks Janu to marry. Sanjana asks him to give divorce to Kashmira. She says I fooled you, we will meet tonight outside your house. Sanju says no need to drink daily, you are cute. Sanjana and Sanju get inside lift.

Its night, Kashmira dances with Janu. Khiloni looks on. Sanju comes and gets shocked seeing them dancing. Kashmira says I told Janu that I dance well, and Janu asked me to show dance. Sanju says you are behaving like your mummy. Sanjana says Kashmira has talent, does she know naagin dance. Kashmira says I really dance that well. Kashmira and Janu leave. Khiloni asks Sanju whats happening. Sanju says I don’t understand. Khiloni says I think Janu is getting after Kashmira, any fool can understand this. Sanju drinks wine. Kashmira says I m bearing since over an hour.

Sanju gets shocked seeing lipstick mark on Janu’s face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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