May I Come in Madam 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana meeting Kashmira and telling her about thanking Lord and going to temple. Kashmira says yes, Lord makes pairing. Sanju comes and greets Sanjana. He asks whom did she get. She says I got my lover, I m making him meet my Papa today, he was very excited. Kashmira asks Sanju is he not happy with Sanajana’s marriage. Sanju says yes, why, I m worried, madam should atleast think of age. Sanjana asks what. Sanju says you are still young, you have to do a lot in life. She says I can do after marriage. He says that’s not possible. Kashmira asks what do you mean. He says I m saying about other girls, husbands rule. She asks did you rule, Sanjana you leave him, he talks negative and says no to everything. He thinks how to say he will fall in problem. Kashmira asks him

to go now. Sanju goes.

Boss greets Sanju in office. Sanju asks whats happening. Boss says Sanjana’s would be husband is going to come, she wants me to meet him. Sanju thinks to make peon against that love guru. Peon wears glasses and turns to boss. He scolds Sanju and asks what do you mean. Sanju says times are bad, we have to be careful, that’s why I was asking you. Boss says no, Sanjana wants to surprise me, I blindly believe her choice. Sanju asks him to check well. Sanjana asks what. Sanju says I was just saying to check thing which we buy. Boss asks when is that guy coming. Sanjana says I will call him. Sanju says wait, I forgot my umbrella in auto. He runs. Sanjana says what happens to Sanju. Boss says he has personality disorder. She calls love guru. Sanjana calls him and asks him to come and meet her dad. He says I m going to some function as guest. She says no, you are coming to my office, else I will die, you know what I say, I do it, think and tell me. He says I think I will come to your office. She says good choice, come soon.

Sanjana and boss wait for love guru. She says maybe he is stuck in traffic, he will come, have patience. Sanju comes as love guru. Boss asks him where is his son. Sanjana says he is your would be son in law. Boss gets shocked. Sanjana asks boss to do his aarti, what happened. Boss thinks Sanju has chosen this old man. Sanjana says its love, age, religion, color is not seen, love just happens. Love guru says I don’t agree with your marriage decision. Sanjana says I will jump down balcony. Sanju says wait, I agree. Boss says congrats, her mum would have died seeing this, I m alive and bearing this, come I will show office, you will sit here for few days, sorry.

Boss takes him to washroom and beats him, asking will he marry Sanjana, angels come to take soul in this age. Love guru says I m not interested to marry her, she is after me. Sanjana asks them whats happening. Boss asks him to leave from Sanjana’s life, and this talk should not go out. He beats Sanju and goes.

Kashmira meets Sanaju and takes a selfie with him. she says it will be great to help people. She says I will show this to my friends. He asks her to distribute the food. Beggar asks for food. Sanju asks Kashmira to give food to him. Kashmira gives him aloo dish. Beggar asks for pizza and burger. Sanju says I can’t help with anything else. Kashmira asks Sanju to go and help.

Sanju goes to Sanjana. She is angry and hits punching bag. She says I got to know something which I can’t tolerate. He thinks she got to know I was meeting her as love guru. He holds her leg and apologizes. She asks him to control his wife, she is having affair. He says Kashmira is one man woman, she is boring. She shows Kashmira and love guru’s pic, and says she is cheating me and you, I will warn Kashmira, if she tries to snatch my love then… he says result won’t be good, I will explain Kashmira, I will go, if you go home, you guys will fight, I will lose respect, I promise you will not see Kashmira with love guru. She says fine, handle this yourself. Sanju thinks what did I do this time.

Sanju meets Khiloni at night, and tells him his problem. He asks for some solution. Khiloni says I will get ideas after drinking. He drinks wine and says I got an idea, listen. He tells his plan and asks how is it. Sanju says let me get result first. Khiloni says then call Sanjana first. Sanjana makes her and love guru’s drawing. Sanju calls her as love guru. He does shayari and says I want to say something else. She asks him to say.

Sanju says I wanted to tell you that I m already married. She asks are you married. Sanju says yes, I secretly married her, I have total of four wives. She asks what. He says but I also love you, if you want to marry me secretly, I have no objection, when I can manage four, I will manage five, you just agree. She scolds him a lot and asks him not to call him again. She ends call and ruins the painting. Sanju smiles and tells Khiloni that your idea is really great. They drink.

Sanjana tells Kashmira that love guru is trapping innocent girls. Sanju says I m not that. Sanjana shows Kashmira and love guru’s pic. Kashmira gets shocked. Sanju prepares to run away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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