May I Come in Madam 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju to have a drink with her. He gets glad and keeps a bottle. She throws it and says its my office, I meant we will go out, where shall we go. He says we will go to some shop. She says I feel like dancing, where do you go to dance. He says any baraat. She says we will go to any lounge, do you know dancing, show me your moves, come on. Sanju dances horrible. She plays a song to make his mood.

Sanju dances on Mai naagin naach nachna…song…. Sanjana smiles seeing him. Boss comes there and sees them. Sanjana laughs. Sanju says sorry. Boss says its still bull dance and camel dance, why did you become naagin in office. Sanjana says chill, we were preparing for ad, we are going out for meeting outside. She leaves with Sanju. Boss says Sanju looked

very happy.

Sanjana and Sanju dance in the pub. Boss catches them and says I came to see what you are doing here. A girl asks him to come. Boss asks Sanjana to come home on time. Sanjana laughs and asks Sanju to relax. Sanju says yes madam. Sanjana says no madam, call me Sanjana. My desi girl….plays…………

He calls her Sanji. She says its good name, but just in pub, not in office, come on dance. Sanju does horrible dance again and whistles. Sanjana looks on. Kar gayi chull……plays……… She says no, do some normal dance. He says I know baraat dance. She laughs and says so cute. She sees tarot sign and says they have a tarot card reader here, did you see your future. He says no.

She says I will go and know my future. Sanju stays outside. Sanjana meets the tarot card reader and chooses a card. The lady says you are lucky, your dreams guy has come in your life, you will meet him. Sanjana asks really, how will I know him. The lady says its easy, something romantic will happen when he comes around you. Sanjana asks what romantic. The lady says anything, flowers can shower or rain, songs will play. Sanjana asks will he be handsome. Lady says yes, a lot, he will meet you tomorrow, wearing white shirt and blue pant. Sanju hears them and says I have it.

Sanju goes home and everyone stare at him. He asks did you not sleep. Bhupesh says we had to catch you. Kashmira asks why did you come late. Sanju says its one min to one o’clock. Kashmira asks where were you. Sanju says office. He lies and they confront him. Sanju says let me speak, I went to my friend’s office. She asks which friend. Bhupesh says let Sanju think. Bhupesh says I will reach your friend’s office in morning. Sanju lies about his friend Rahul.

Mummy laughs and says Sanju has talent to lie. Sanju asks why don’t you all believe me. Kashmira turns into Dadi. They all run to washroom. Bhupesh says Dadi always beats me because of Sanju. Dadi also gets inside washroom. Sanju and mummy run seeing Dadi. Bhupesh gets beaten up. Sanju and mummy look on.

Its morning, Sanju looks for white shirt and blue pant. He asks Kashmira. She argues with him. He asks her not to argue. Kashmira asks him to wear anything. He says no, I want white shirt and blue pant. She asks him to wear red shirt. He says no, its imp. She asks why. He says I have to go to hell, its dress code. She says I did not go there, you arrange clothes. She goes.

Sanju goes to office wearing blue shirt and black pant. Sanjana comes there. He greets her and asks what did tarot card reader told you. She says its none of your business. He says that all can’t be believed. Lift comes. Bhupesh asks Sanju to stop lift. Bhupesh comes wearing white shirt and blue pant. Sanjana sees him and recalls the lady’s words. Sanju gets shocked seeing Bhupesh. Sanjana smiles.

Sanjana says I like Bhupesh, he is fascinating, I love him. Sanju asks what are you saying. Sanjana promotes Bhupesh and gives him Sanju’s place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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