May I Come in Madam 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju seeing snake and saying this is my illusion. Peon comes and talks to snake as madam. Sanju gets shocked. Peon asks Sanju do you want something. Sanju says get anything. Peon goes. Sanjana hides snake and sits on chair. Sanju gets shocked. Sanjana asks why are you shivering. Sanju says I have headache, give me one day leave. Sanjana says fine, take a holiday, I can give you holiday forever, I came here for you. Sanju says no thanks and runs. She laughs.

Sanju goes home and tells Kashmira about seeing madam. Kashmira says I m in kitchen, let me drink milk. Sanju gets shocked and says madam has bitten Kashmira, she also turned into Naagin, she was already dangerous, what will she do now, mummy does Naagin dance. Sanju gets worried and says madam has made

Mummy anaconda. Bhupesh comes dancing as snake. Sanju says madam has bitten everyone, she is increasing friend list soon, I should save myself.

Sanju meets Khiloni and says Kashmira has become snake. Khiloni says think positive, look at the bright side and jokes. Sanju asks him not to joke, think of some idea. Khiloni says I know a good snake charmer, he gave me this Been/flute, snake will just dance and not bite, I will arrange other snake charmer, you practice. Sanju plays the Been and Khiloni dances. Real snake comes there hearing music. Khiloni cries and shows snake to Sanju. Sanju plays music and gets tired. He falls down. Khiloni asks snake to give him some time and runs.

Its morning, Sanju comes office and checks if any snake is around. Peon comes and laughs saying its me. Sanju scolds him. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. Sanju changes his words. He gets been and tells boss that all office employees has become snakes. Boss says I don’t want to dance. Sanju plays been and boss dances. He takes boss to bathroom and locks him. Boss says get me out, else I woll fire you from job, I m Ichhadhaari boss.

Sanju goes to Sanjana and shows the been. He starts playing the been. She starts dancing and bites him. His imagination ends. Sanju says will end this dream to reality. Sanjana applies lenses and takes selfie. Sanju comes to her. He plays the been. Sanjana smiles hearing that and does not react. Sanju plays again. Sanjana stops him. She asks did you think you will control me by playing been, you proved you know my secret that I m an Icchhadhaari naagin, your life is not right for you. He says no, I respect you a lot, I got been to make my health better, its lungs exercise. She says don’t worry, you will do on four shoulders. He runs. She laughs.

Kashmira comes there with mummy and boss. Sanju asks who got you out of bathroom. Boss says great lady Naagin. Everyone surround him. Sanju plays been. He shouts don’t bite me, leave me and runs. Sanjana stops him and says alright, we will end this joke. Sanju asks what do you mean. They all smile. Kashmira says you ended joke soon. Bhupesh says yes. Sanju says you did this drama. Boss says you started it and thought Sanjana is Naagin, so we did this. Mummy says I could dance, thanks to Sanju. Sanju says Kashmira you also fooled me. Kashmira says it was fun.

Bhupesh says Sanju played been well. He also plays been and real snake comes there. Sanju sees snake going inside Bhupesh’s clothes. Bhupesh and everyone get shocked. Sanju smiles and asks is it fun, now keep playing been. Bhupesh plays been. Sanju dances.

Sanju waits for madam and says if this idea works, this night will become beautiful. Sanjana comes there. Music plays…………. Sanju talks on phone. He tells Sanjana that he was talking to Khiloni, he said he can’t come for movie, you can save these tickets from getting waste. Sanjana says really, thanks.

Bua says I want to get Sanjana married. Sanju says I m ready to marry madam, Kashmira and Sanjana will adjust.

Update Credit to: Amena

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