May I Come in Madam 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Chedi to have medicines. He says this wine will work well. She says no wine, I will just come. Sanju comes and beats Chedi. Chedi asks who are you. Sanju says you will jump now and run to gate. Chedi says my legs are hurt, I can’t walk, I will give you locker keys, have jewelry and run. Sanju says I don’t want that, I want you to run. Chedi says wait, take me to gate. Sanju beats him. Sanjana comes and beats Sanju. Sanju says its me. She says you, are you not ashamed to do theft in our hands. Sanju says no, I came to give medicine to Chedi. Chedi asks him to make better excuse. Sanju thinks Chedi can’t walk really. He makes a story. Sanjana and Chedi ask him to just leave.

Its morning, Kashmira sees mummy taking the bread. Mummy

says why to cry for little thing. Kashmira says morning dreams are true, if Sanju really leaves me. Mummy says you slept in morning, dream won’t matter. Sanju comes sand asks them to give fake smile, than makimg faces. Kashmira says I saw a dream that you left me and went for 7 years.

Bhupesh comes and annoys Sanju. Bhupesh met his friend, he is in ICU after getting beaten up by police. Kashmira says we are also upset, but you need to have food. Sanju says Bhupesh is upset for his friend. Bhupesh says no, I had Chole Bhature in hospital, its free for patients’ family. Sanju thinks how will I get saved.

Sanju reaches office and his phone falls. Inspector asks Sanju to stop and wants to give phone. Sanju runs seeing him. Inspector says I will make police’s honest image today and follows Sanju. Sanju says leave me, I m good man, I m forced to go Dubai to get gold biscuits. Inspector thinks I m lucky to know this. He says tell me boss’ name. Sanju says I will take you, promise me, make me govt witness and make my punishment less. Inspector promises.

Sanju takes inspector to Sanjana. She asks why did he get police. Sanju says don’t take tension, he came to catch Chedi. She asks what. Chedi comes singing Main hoon don. Sanju says arrest him. Chedi bites his hand and wears goggles. He asks whats your problem. Sanju says smuggling, I m middle class man, but my dreams are not big that I do crimes. I told inspector that you want me to do gold smuggling. Chedi asks what.

Sanju says arrest him. Sanjana says you are confused, hold on, I asked for biscuits and its not that gold biscuits. Sheikh comes and gives biscuits. Sanju asks inspector to confiscate the biscuits. Inspector checks it. Sanju asks are you shocked, I got big gang caught, I want 10% prize. Inspector scolds him and says its not gold biscuits, but eatable biscuits. Sanju says this can’t happen and eats one. Sanjana says I was trying to explain, its infant biscuits, not the one you thought. Sanju asks why did you ask me to hide this. Sanjana says its embarrassing, I m eating infant biscuits, I don’t believe you, you doubted me and got police. Sanju says sorry. Inspector says you should be sorry, I have run after you to give your phone, come police station and get phone. He goes. They all stare at Sanju.

Later, Sanju gets inside lift to talk to Sanjana. He apologizes and says I will do what you say. She asks him not to talk to her again. Liftman plays radio. Ruthke humse kahin……plays………….Sanju holds ears and asks Sanjana to slap him. He makes her smile.

Its morning, Bhupesh does push ups. Sanju comes shouting and tells Kashmira that Bhupesh ended shaving cream, shall I go office with half shaving. Bhupesh jokes on Sanju. Sanju scolds him. Kashmira argues with Sanju. Sanju says I mean Bhupesh should have told me about using my cream. Mummy defends Bhupesh. Sanju calls Bhupesh a thief and kicks him. Kashmira coughs and Sanju gets tensed that Dadi is coming. He goes.

Sanju goes office. Sanjana comes and greets him. She says I like to see your positive face. He thanks her. They get inside lift. She tells how she feels seeing him, like a pet dog waits for owner. He asks are you calling me pet dog. She says no, I m calling you cute little puppy.

Sanjana tells Sanju to keep his money till her house renovation is done. Sanju loses his bag. He tells Kashmira that thief has stolen 10 lakhs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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