May I Come in Madam 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju what happened. Sanjana says I feel like two junk trucks here. Chedi says Sanjana has OCD, she wants to keep hygiene. She asks them to go out and talk. She sends them. Sanju comes from bathroom and asks Kashmira about soap. Kashmira says there is no water. Sanju asks how will I go office. Mummy asks why, what’s thee matter. Sanju taunts her.

Mummy says I m going to fill water from outside. Sanju asks her to dance, and plays music on the pot. Mummy dances. Sanju’s imagination ends. Kashmira asks did he get mad. Sanju asks her to get much water. Kashmira says we will use water for imp things, no need to bath, use perfume and go office. He goes.

Sanjana waits for lift. Liftman says I got the cleaner. She asks him to clean lift well. Sanju

comes office and greets her. She says I hope lift gets cleaned well, he is wasting my time. Liftman says I won’t clean stairs. Sanju asks him to clean stairs. Sanjana asks Sanju why did he use much perfume, did he not bath. Sanju says there was less water at home today. She asks him to come by stairs, not lift. She goes.

Chedi and Sanju meet in washroom. Chedi says I came here to have bath. Sanju says even I came to bath, madam is not letting me come office, how did her problem get fine last time. Chedi says by big trouble. Sanju jokes. Chedi asks him to apply soap on his back. Sanju asks him to do same. They sit to have bath and apply soap on each other’s back. Liftman comes and smiles. He plays radio. Husn ke lakhon rang…..plays……..

Liftman dances. Sanju throws the radio in water. The song still plays. Chedi and Sanju come out of washroom. Liftman cries for his radio. Chedi says I have taken bath well. Sanju asks him to go and see mirror. He sends Chedi to get tea. Sanju goes to Sanjana.

She says you are looking fresh. He says yes, I just had a bath, I m pure like Ganga. She says let me check, wow you smell so fresh. He starts imagining. She asks what are you doing. He says I was saying I had a clean bath. She says its not an easy task, I will thoroughly check you, show me your nails. He hides his hands. She insists. He shows dirty nails. She shouts go away, get out of my office. Sanju leaves and says Sanjana’s mental illness will trouble me.

At home, Sanju thinks what to do, madam will fire me if I go without having a bath. Bhupesh gets water. Sanju argues. He thinks to have bath by fooling Bhupesh. He calls Bhupesh. Sanju runs to washroom. Bhupesh asks is the girl mute, who was on call, did Sanju fool me again. Bhupesh goes to Sanju and asks him to stop. Sanju takes bath and asks from where did you get water. Bhupesh says from stable, I wanted to tell you, I got the water to flush. Sanju beats him and says I m stinking, I have to take bath in office.

Sanju goes office. Everyone ask what’s stinking. Sanju says I should go and have bath soon, else I will lose job. He sees Sanjana in washroom and greets her. He asks you here in men’s washroom. She says there is some problem in women’s washroom, what’s this smell. He says such smell comes in men’s washroom. She says shut up, buffalo smell is coming from you, get out. He runs and door knob comes in his hand. She throws things at him. He says door opened. He gets hurt. She asks are you okay, did you get hurt, you deserved this. She goes. He shuts door and thinks to do something of her illness.

Sanju takes bath from drinking water, while Kashmira stops him. Dadi comes and his smile goes. Dadi scolds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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