May I Come in Madam 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana saying we don’t get quality time in office. He agrees with her. She asks how do I look. He praises her a lot. She smiles and asks say anything else, do I like me. He says a lot. She says enough of time pass, client is coming here, that’s why we are here. He says I was also joking like you. She calls and asks Mr Mehta when is he coming. She says no problem, we will meet tomorrow in office. She tells Sanju that client is not coming, he promised his wife for dinner, he forgot and wife could not, so he is taking wife on dinner. He says same situation. She says its sweet that men care for their wives, lets most of the situation, we will talk well and dine. Sanju says off duty, its good. Kashmira and mummy come there.

Sanju sees them and hides his face,

saying I m ashamed, I did not drink with you. She says you behave like girls sometimes, lift your face. Kashmira sees Sanju and gets shocked. She shouts and goes to him. She says you fooled me and beats him red and blue. Mummy too beats Sanju. Sanju’s imagination ends. Sanjana asks Sanju why is he so shy, how will the evening get memorable for them. He says I m scared, just memories will be left. She says we will order something. She sees Kashmira and greets her. They hug. Sanju hides under the table. Kashmira says you alone…..

Sanjana says no, I m with Sanju. Sanju comes out. Kashmira says you here. He says yes, I love madam, so I came here, no I mean client loves his wife and cancelled his meeting, so madam and I were dining here. Sanjana says what nonsense, I m happy we all met here, lets order something, what will you take. Kashmira says life and stares at Sanju. Sanju asks her to take anything. She kicks his leg. He laughs. Sanju says we will order started. Kashmira crushes his feet under the table. Sanjana asks what happened. Sanju jokes.

Sanju and Kashmira come home. She scolds him and says you want to get rid of me. He shouts yes, I m fed up and I want to get away from you, mad woman. He asks Kashmira is she crying. Dadi comes and asks Sanju why is he making Kashmira cry, you are fed up of her. He says no, I love Kashmira a lot, I would have lost my job if I took Kashmira on dinner. Dadi asks him to promise to take Kashmira tomorrow. He promises. She goes and beats him.

Next day, Sanju waits for Sanjana near the lift. Sanjana comes there. Sanju makes a sad impression. She greets him. He starts acting unwell. She asks are you okay. They get inside the lift. Sanju says I m unwell, my bp is high. She asks why did you come office. He says don’t worry, I will handle and not left work get affected, as work is worship, devotion, inspiration and power. She says wow, I understood. He asks for leaving early today. She says sure. Lift guard plays song. O Hansini…….Sanjana goes. Sanju gets Kashmira’s call. She asks are we going on dinner. He says yes, gentleman’s promise. She gives him a kiss. He also gives her a kiss and Sanjana comes. Sanjana tells Sanju that there is imp client meeting, you can’t go early, you have to stay back. He gets tensed.

Sanju asks Bhupesh to get samosas or call peon. Bhupesh does not go and asks Sanju to let him work. He says Kamla will be calling me and I won’t move from here. Sanju calls Khiloni and says I m stuck in problem, I promised Kashmira that I will take her on dinner. Khiloni asks don’t you have money, I can’t hear you. Sanju says you cheap, I have money, I know you are able to hear me, problem is I m stuck in office. Khiloni says you want to stay back with madam. Sanju says no, I really want to go with Kashmira, I m feeling guilty for her, there is lot of work here, give me some idea.

Khiloni gives the idea to him. Sanju smiles and thanks him. Khiloni ends call. Sanju sees Bhupesh hearing him. Bhupesh says I did not hear properly. Sanju scolds him. Sanju gives the undergarment ad idea to Lalwani. He sees the time and hurries. Lalwani likes the idea. He tells Sanjana that deal is fixed, I want Sanju to be with us today, lets celebrate. Sanjana thanks Lalwani. Lalwani calls and asks driver to get food and drinks. Sanju falls down. Sanjana asks are you fine, what happened. Sanju says I m fainting, get taxi, I have to go home. Sanjana says calm down. Lalwani asks why did you come office if you were so ill.

Sanju acts to faint. Lalwani asks him to rest at home and have juice. Sanjana says its my mistake, I asked him to wait and give presentation. She asks Sanju to calm down, I can’t send you home in this state, you have to come with me to hospital. Sanju thinks if I don’t reach home, my wife and Dadi won’t leave me. Lalwani cancels the meeting. Sanjana takes Sanju to hospital. He insists that he is fine and would go home. Sanjana asks him to be quiet and she won’t let him go without proper checkup and medication.

Sanjana calls Kashmira and informs her about Sanju being unwell and she brought him to hospital. Kashmira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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