May I Come in Madam 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking who is there. He sees some ghost. He wakes up from the dream and says Johny johny no papa. Kashmira gives him water and says I think its your bad dream, I think Dadi scared you to take revenge. Sanju says no. She makes him sleep. Sanju gets shocked seeing the mark on his hand.

Sanju goes to meet Sanjana at night. He asks boss where is madam. Boss asks is this good to come at this time. Sanjana says its very late in night. Sanju tells Sanjana about some ghost getting after him. She says calm down, be happy that someone is giving you attention. Sanju shows the marks on hands. Boss says I will complain about your wife beating you to your mum in law.

Sanju says no, that ghost was singing Johny johny rhyme. Boss says its some school teacher ghost.

Sanju gets ghost in him and sings. Sanjana records him. Sanju and boss fall down. Sanjana asks them to wake up, what was this, amazing. They see Johnny loves Julie written there. She laughs. Boss and Sanju run. She says I m normal, don’t run. She says we will go to cemetery in morning. Sanju asks why. She laughs and goes.

Its morning, Sanjana and Sanju come to cemetery. He asks why did you come here. He says we came to find Johny’s grave. They find the grave. An old man comes there and Sanjana greets him. He gets shocked seeing her and says Julie. She says no, I m Sanjana. He says your name is Julie. The man sees Sanju and checks him by making a moustache on him. He says you are Tony and Julie. He tells the past. Sanjana asks uncle what happened. The man says Tony has run away with Julie. Sanjana says it means we troubled Johny in last birth, so he came back to revenge from us. The old man says I was cook at their place. She asks is there any pics of them.

Later, Sanju is sleeping. Johny reaches Sanju’s house and scares him. he calls out Sanju. Sanju asks who are you. Johny says I m Johny. Sanju asks what are you doing in my bedroom. Johny says you run away with my wife. Sanju says it was not me, it was Tony. Johny says like you run away with my wife, I will make you run from this world. Sanju cries and says don’t kill me. Kashmira wakes up and asks whom are you begging to. Sanju sees Johny gone. He tells about Tony and Julie’s past birth. She says Julie was in love with Tony and run away, so her husband Johny’s ghost got after me. She says its good, I thought you are just mine, how could you run with madam. He says its such horrible ghost is after me. She asks him to pay for his deeds and makes him out of the room.

At office, Sanju is worried. Bhupesh asks did your sleep not get complete. Sanju argues. Boss comes and gives a taweez to Sanju saying ghosts will run away from this. He ties it to Sanju and says I tied this to Sanjana too. Sanju thanks him. boss says ghost can’t touch you. Light goes. Johny comes there.

Sanjana shows Sanju his last birth pic and says I want to meet Johny. Sanju asks why. She says I want to meet a ghost.

Update Credit to: Amena

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