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May I Come in Madam 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with mummy saying Bhupesh was born in dhaba. Bhupesh cries and goes. Sanju says one wicket gone in first ball, now your turn Kashmira. She asks will you start crying now. He says no. She says I loved a guy Girish, I was going to marry him. He asks what happened then. She says you just one secret, I said it. He says you both are players. She says now your turn. He says my secret….. the light comes. He asks her to serve food, this game is played only in darkness, lets see what you mad. She goes. Sanju asks mummy to go and convince Bhupesh.

Sanjana comes office. Music plays……… She greets Sanju. He is sad. She says I know, I did not behave well with you, sorry. He says its okay, you are boss. They get inside lift. She says I overreacted, it will

not happen tonight, when we play that game. He says I won’t play. She says shut up, its an order. He gets sad. She says I called you yesterday, why did you not answer. He says I was sleeping, why did you call. She says I called to say sorry, I was drunk. He says what’s need to say then. She says I call just my Bfs in drunken state. He asks even me? She says you have potential, can be… He smiles. She says you look an idiot, stop blushing.

Liftman plays radio. Channa mereya….plays………….She goes. Sanju hits radio and says it changed the song’s mood. Chedi passes time. Ramwati calls him. He asks did you get scolding at night. She says no, I managed. He says wow, what a great lady. He says I will definitely come, where will you meet today. She says inside cupboard. They laugh.

Sanju works. The power goes. He packs his stuff. Sanju gets Sanjana’s call. She asks him to come fast. He says coming. He thinks what secret will she tell about me today. He goes to her. She asks him will he start the game today. He says no, you start. She says fine, I will begin. She says I saw you in dream yesterday, you were a girl, I was a boy, you have worn an amazing bikini, I wanted to kidnap you and take you to seashells. Sanju imagines. He starts jumping. She asks what happened. He says someone is missing me, I was getting hiccups. He says you say anything easily. I don’t have courage. She says say anything, just shake me up. He says I have tension. She laughs. She asks whats your secret. He says there is yellow saree in your wardrobe, I have seen this dream that you came wearing yellow saree when it was raining, you looked great. She gets angry and throws things. He shouts no and runs.

At home, mummy gets ready. Kashmira comes to her. Mummy hides. Sanju runs and says I will get hurt. Sanjana shouts on him. Chedi comes to meet Ramwati/mummy. He fixes gajra to Kashmira in darkness. Sanju meets Khiloni and argues with him. They shout on each other and hug. Sanju says madam made me run away by throwing things, its because of darkness. Chedi gets shocked seeing Kashmira. She screams. He runs. Khiloni says its Kashmira’s scream, I think thief has entered home. They see Chedi and beat him. Chedi runs. Sanju asks Kashmira why did she scream, someone collided with me. Mummy asks did you see face. Sanju says no. She says then don’t know who was it. Lights come. Sanju asks how did this gajra come. Bhupesh asks her to say it. Mummy signs no. Sanju asks did Girish come. Bhupesh says Kashmira is not like you. Sanju scolds them.

Khiloni asks who is Girish. Sanju says Kashmira’s boyfriend. Khiloni says don’t worry, such mistakes happen. Sanju says I will beat you. Khiloni says I will leave. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks did you get hurt. He says no, I got saved, something happened at home, I will talk later. She says I m sorry, I overreacted, I will behave well. He says good you realized. She says of course, I have thrown expensive things, it was my loss. He ends call. She says what a rude man. Sanju asks Khiloni to find out for how many days will this load shedding go on, Kashmira is romancing with ex lover. She shouts. Sanju gets angry. Khiloni says cool down, it happens.

Its morning, Sanjana goes to Sanju. She apologizes for getting violent and throwing things at him. He says you called me and said you regret for valuable things. She says I was drunk, you are most valuable. He says compliment taken. She scolds him for playing the game with his family, Kashmira told me, tonight we will play in your house, its gonna be so much fun, many secrets will come out, I like it, get back to work. He calls her mad.

Its night, Sanjana asks Chedi to start the game. Chedi says shayari and says its secret. Sanju jokes. Sanjana asks mummy to say. Bhupesh says I will say, last time mummy said and I had to leave game. She says I know who came yesterday night, who has fixed Gajra in Kashmira’s hair. Sanju asks who was it.

Sanjana asks Sanju to look at her, she got strange feeling. Sanju says same pinch. She asks what, you mean you find me fat, I felt so. He says I did not say that.

Update Credit to: Amena

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