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May I Come in Madam 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Kashmira to sit in his place. She asks why, do you lose respect. He says no, my age is getting less. He says come here, I want to romance. She says I doubt on you. He says sit here, I will explain. He acts romantic and she smiles. He says I say everything for good. He gets Sanjana’s call and asks Kashmira to order food, its madam’s call, I will just come. He goes and answers call. Sanjana calls him for sending boss and mummy on date, I m happy, my dad is very happy. Sanju thinks he gave me tension.

He says I m very happy now. She asks what would they be doing now. He says they would be eating and talking. He asks her to call boss and tell him to take mummy to park. She laughs and says no, its too early and too risky. He says restaurants are also

not safe. She says I m getting client’s call and ends call. He says why is mummy doing this, I told her to spoil date and she is setting up things here. Kashmira sees mummy with boss, and gets angry.

She stares at Sanju. Sanju shouts to boss, asking him to run away. He asks Kashmira not to get angry and not beat mummy. Kashmira goes to mummy. Mummy tells Kashmira that its not her mistake, she came here to save Sanju. Kashmira stares at Sanju.

Its morning, Sanjana tells Sanju that her dad is lonely, he wants a wife, tell me will you make tea for my dad, will you massage his legs, he needs a wife, you gave him hope and he is going crazy now. He says I don’t know what to do. She says why don’t we make them elope and marry, we will do this good work at night, and as usual, you will help me.

At night, Sanju goes to mummy’s room. He tells mummy that boss loves her a lot, if he dies in your sorrow, blame will be on you. She asks whats my mistake, Kashmira will not let me marry him. He asks her not to tell Kashmira and run away with boss, make me world’s first son in law who made his mum in law run away. Mummy says no, Kashmira is very clever, I can’t do this, you go. She cries.

Sanju goes to washroom and calls Sanjana. He asks how is it going. She asks him to say, else he is fired. He says I tried but… she asks him not to use word no. He says how to tell him that mummy is not coming without saying no. She says my dad is waiting outside your house madly for your mum in law. He says I asked mummy and she said she will stay at home. She says I can’t disappoint my father now. He says boss will get many good ladies, shall I talk to Khiloni’s aunt.

She asks him to stop it, I give you time till 12, your mum in law should be in dad’s car, else you will be out of my office. He asks how should I do this. She says that’s your headache. He says this is not headache, its migraine.

Sanju calls Kashmira so that she sleeps early and he can send mummy. Kashmira comes and asks how do I look. He says like innocent kid who wants to sleep. She says I m grown up girl, who has many wishes. He asks her to sleep, we can wake up by fresh mind. She gets romantic and hugs him. She sings and dances on zara zara………..He sings neendiya lekar chal kahin…… and tries to make her sleep. Kashmira sleeps.

Boss is outside the house and calls Sanjana that Sanju did not come, I will go there. Sanjana says no, don’t go inside, I spoke to Sanju. He says my patience is ending. She says fine, I m coming there. Sanju thinks Kashmira slept and thinks wife can come out of even coma to keep an eye on husband, I can’t trust her, I will test her. He says I m thinking to make diamond necklace for you, will you come for movie, my GF has come to meet me. He thinks she did not react, she is sleeping. He leaves.

He takes chloroform in kerchief and tries to make mummy faint. Mummy wakes up and asks what is he doing this. She says you were sneezing so I got kerchief for you. She says I m not fool, what is it, I have my kerchief. He says this is imported, your nose will shine. She asks does my nose have diamond to shine. He says there is no time, just smell this kerchief. She asks why. He says forgive me, I have no time to explain, smell this kerchief. He tried hard and mummy pushes him. He then makes her smell the kerchief. She says I stopped my breath. He makes her drink the fainting medicine. She faints.

Sanju packs mummy in bedsheet and takes her out. He asks a man to help her. The man shouts dead body, police. He runs away. Sanju puts mummy on the moving stall. Kishore sees him. Sanjana comes there and boss says Sanju did not come till now. Sanju gets mummy on the moving stall. Sanjana says Sanju has come. Sanju says I m delivering your bride. Boss says bride comes in doli. Sanju says doli comes on four shoulders, did your father help me. Boss gets angry and looks at him.

Mummy asks Sanju how did he lift her and get her here, did he not get sprain in hand. Sanju asks her to see boss’ love. Boss says if you say no, I will jump from mountain and die. Sanju says there is no mountain around. Boss says I know, that’s why I told mountain, else I would have said I would drink poison and die.

Update Credit to: Amena

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