May I Come in Madam 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju waiting for Sanjana near the lift. She comes running and hugs him. He comes out of his fantasy when Sanjana really comes there and calls his name aloud. She says you were standing as if you were hugging someone. He says I was missing my mum. She says your expressions was not like that. They get inside lift. She asks how is your wife. He says she is happy. She asks why are you upset. He says she is happy by my sorrow. She says shayari. He praises her. He says I m trying to get a wild cat. She looks at him.

The lift guard plays song Chukar mere mann/beep ko…… Sanju looks on. Sanjana goes. Sanju asks lift guard are you not getting this repaired intentionally. Peon comes and asks Sanju do you want anything. Sanju says what I want, you don’t have. Peon asks

will you want desi or foreign wine. Sanju says I don’t like desi, I m not talking about wine. Peon wears goggles and asks then what were you saying. He scolds Sanju. Sanju says I was joking. Peon laughs and says its just cold drink, you are frustrated, there is one place to get rid of frustration, she dances so well, I also go there. He laughs and leaves.

Sanjana comes there and tells him some perfume ad ideas, client wants to hear idea today itself. He says its not possible, we don’t have model. She says model is infront of me. He says no, I never did modeling. She says you are arguing with me. He says sorry. She asks him to get ready, there is hot model with you.

Sanju gets ready and comes for photoshoot. She looks at his makeup and asks why are you giving this cheap expression. She asks artist to cover up his pimples and skin flaws. She asks Sanju to give good expressions. She asks for other model. Sanju screams seeing peon dressed as a girl. Sanjana asks what happened, he is Papa, why did you scream as if he is any chudail. Sanju takes pics with peon.

Sanjana asks Sanju to show some romance, hold Papa well, we have wildlife photographer, don’t worry. Peon asks Sanju not to cry and close eyes to give that feel. Sanjana asks Sanju to hold him tight, show feelings. Sanju says no, I m getting crying expressions seeing peon. Sanjana says you are manager here, so manage it. Sanju gives a smile and poses with peon. Sanjana likes the pics.

Sanju meets Khiloni. Khiloni calls him mean to take pics with foreign lady, he has seen it on fb. Sanju asks what, and checks on fb. Sanju says he is peon/boss, not any girl, madam shared pic and tagged me too, believe me. Khiloni says I won’t. Sanju scolds him and goes home. Sanju argues with Kashmira and mummy. Kashmira asks Sanju to give his fb account password. He worries and asks why.

Kashmira says I have to see Mausi’s daughter’s marriage pics. Sanju murmurs. Mummy asks what is he saying. Sanju says I just came, I did not have water and you both got on my head. Kashmira asks for password. Sanju says you know it. Bhupesh says password is not working, it changed. Kashmira asks why do you change password often. Sanju says I forget it. Mummy tells Kashmira that Sanju will forget you one day. Kashmira insists for password, else Dadi will get angry. Mummy says if Dadi comes, Bhupesh will be beaten too. Sanju tells the password and jokes on mummy. Kashmira checks his account, and he pulls off power cable. He says this laptop got virus. Kashmira says it got shut. Mummy says it was working when I was seeing film at night. Sanju calls her virus. Sanju says I will try to solve this. Kashmira asks him to get laptop repaired. He says fine.

He goes and calls Sanjana. She says shayari. He smiles and tells her the problem. Mummy hears him. He says you shared that page and tagged me. Sanjana says I wanted to see how many lies we get so that we can use that to convince client. Sanju says if my wife checks it, she will dislike me, she will give me divorce. She says fine, I m here, I know few divorced women, don’t worry. Sanju screams seeing mummy and scolds her. Mummy thinks photo…..

Kashmira asks Sanju to repair laptop. Bhupesh asks her to check in his phone. Sanju throws the phone. Sanju tells Kashmira that its peon with him in the pic, he will come here, you all see. A girl comes there and they get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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