May I Come in Madam 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming home happily and dancing. Mummy looks on. Kashmira shows the bracelet she got for him. He says beautiful, your choice is good. He taunts on mummy. Kashmira sees the lipstick mark on his hand and gets shocked. She asks from whom did he get this kiss. He gets worried. Kashmira says I will cut your hand, tell me. He says two girls were fighting in bus, I went to stop them, and one of them has bitten my hand, you are doubting on me Kashmira.

Mummy says girls do this seeing him, as if they have seen vampire. Sanju asks him not to become third empire. Kashmira asks Sanju to go, if he can’t talk to mummy well. He says fine, give me food, I need to go office early tomorrow.

Sanju goes to office early morning and keeps a snake under Sanjana’s table.

Sanjana comes there. Sanju greets her and says I prepared soap ad slogan. She says just and thinks of love guru’s words. She laughs and says someone told me something, I trust him, but I can’t trust this. He does shayari. She says that’s sweet, I m impressed. He shouts snake and she screams. He asks her to move, else snake will bite her.

He acts holding the fake snake and throws it out of balcony. She says you risked your life for me, looks like love guru was right afterall. Music plays………… Boss comes and tells Sanjana that there is cockroach on her shoulder. Sanju runs. Boss says sorry, it was hair shade. He goes to get tea. Sanjana says I m so stupid, why did I think so about Sanju, my real lover can be just him.

Sanju comes home and asks Kashmira what did she buy today. She says I got this for you. He says I m lucky husband, you love me. She says yes, I got kiss detector, and scares him he says I got to know I m cheap man, you doubt a lot on me. She asks why all lip marks get on you. He asks her to understand, I told talk to anyone. He gets a call and says its Khiloni. He attends Sanjana’s call and talks to her as love guru. He says shayari. She laughs and says I m impressed.

He asks how did she call him. Sanjana says I have tried everything, but no one could touch my heart, I think I love you. He gets shocked and thinks madam loves my this avatar. She says I got your address, I will come there. He says no, you will be troubled, I don’t stay at one place. She says your talk has made me mad, I want you to meet me at my office, else I will come to your house. He says I will come, have patience. She says I will be waiting. He worries.

Kashmira hears him and asks whose call was it. Sanju changes the phone and says I told you its Khiloni’s phone. Kashmira questions him. Sanju lies to him. He says Khiloni has got injured and gone mad, I will go and see him. She warns him not to lie. He goes.

Sanju meets Sanjana as love guru. She shows her office and hugs him. Sanju gets shaken. She asks what happened, are you fine, what will happen when I do something else. She asks what. She laughs. She sings ye hai reshmi….. and dances. He compliments her. She says I m crazy about you, marry me. She says I love your soul. He says if we have same choices, it does not mean we are same, there is much difference, you are young and I m old. She says I will just marry you, come and meet my Papa. He asks what will I tell my wife. She asks wife?

Sanju lies and says I have an aunt, she does not see things, I have to take care of her, allow me to leave now, I will meet you tomorrow. She says fine, go. Sanju leaves.

Sanju comes home and sees Khiloni. He asks why did you come here. Khiloni says I came to have pakodas. Sanju recalls Kashmira’s warning. He asks him to go before Kashmira comes. Dadi comes behind him. Khiloni cries and says Kashmira is behind you. Sanju gets shocked. Dadi catches Sanju and says you lie to Kashmira, come I will show you horror film.

Sanju says I lied to Kashmira, but I had to help poor people, I got proof, wait. He shows white hair wig and beard. She says now you got after old women too. He says you won’t believe me, I m saying truth, I become Santa Claus and share poor people’s sorrows, if you don’t trust me, I will leave this house and stay with them, hoping that any angel like me will come and give me food. Dadi goes. Kashmira asks Sanju to forgive her and she iss proud of him, she will also accompany him and help poor.

Sanjana asks love guru to say yes for marriage, else I will jump from balcony. Sanju thinks there are many problems today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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