May I Come in Madam 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana fooling Sanju. He gets worried. She says its real gold. He says I want to say something, when I came office, I met small innocent kids on the way, I thought we will also have kids, I mean from different partners. She says so… He says if kids ask what we do, what will we do. She asks him to respect work of smuggling. He says fine, but it won’t be good for our kids. She says right, we should leave this work when kids are capable of talking. He says its enough now, I m fed up of this bad work. She asks are you scared. He says I m not scared of anything, you know I have killed many people.

He says we should take a break. She says fine, but after this work, its big work, I want fearless man. He says I want to go on pension. She says this is last time, you

will be free, take this bag. Sanju takes the bag and goes to tell peon. Peon asks will you have tea or coffee. Sanju makes him wear goggles and turns him into boss. Boss asks where are you going. Sanju says your daughter is out of your hands, madam is doing smuggling. Boss laughs and says she is naughty. Sanju says its crime. Sanjana calls her dad and asks is Sanju there, talk about some assignment.

Boss also talks in Sanjana’s manner and scares Sanju. He says I m Sanjana’s boss in this work, I m happy with your work. He goes. Sanju gets shocked.

Its night, Sanju talks to Kashmira. He says its impossible that police catches me. Police comes in his bedroom and catches Sanju. Sanju gets arrested. He dreams this and thinks there is one way to stop this. He goes back to Sanjana. He says I got a bad dream. She asks what, that police did encounter, I also used to get this dream, I bribe police. Sanju says whatever, I feel I can’t do this work. Boss comes and hears him. He says I made this way, you will leave by my wish. He dips Sanju’s finger in tea cup, and Sanju screams. Boss scares him and shows gun. Sanjana laughs and says don’t scare Sanju.

Sanjana says I will come along with Sanju to cover him. Boss says all the best, try to be alive. Later, Sanju and Sanjana go for the work. She sends Sanju. Police inspector catches Sanju and says you are the smuggler. Sanju runs from there and asks Sanjana to drive fast.

Sanju comes home and is tensed. Bhupesh asks what happened, you are tensed as if police is coming after you. Sanju asks him not to joke. Kashmira asks Sanju to get some gold for her. He holds his head and recalls smuggling. He argues and Dadi comes. Sanju, mummy and Bhupesh hide in the washroom. Raj kishore comes there and gets beaten up.

Its morning, Sanju greets Sanjana. He says I went to temple, it was necessary, someone for after me. He sees inspector and worries. Inspector asks Sanju what was he saying. They get inside lift. Lift guard plays song Saathi haath badana….. They leave from the lift. Sanju tells Sanjana that I will be caught, I will go jail. She asks whats there to worry, you have one way now. Boss comes and asks him to spend life in Mauritius. Sanju asks how, I have my family here. Sanjana says its normal to be without family. Sanju says I m not don, I m ordinary man.

He cries and says let me go home. Sanjana says this does not suit you, you are brave guy. Sanju says I m not brave, I lied. She asks why. He recalls his lie. He says save me madam. Sanjana and boss start laughing. Sanjana says I knew Sanju is just lying and boasting. Boss says we did this drama to teach you a lesson. Sanjana says that inspector is my friend, I hope you will never boast again. Sanju says sorry, this mistake won’t happen again. They laugh. Sanjana asks how did you like my way, I m already impressed with you, you don’t need to impress me. Sanju gets shocked.

Sanjana meets tarot reader. Sanju hears the conversation and thinks to dress like Sanjana’s prospective partner.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sajan agarwal

    Not exciting serial, especially the Boss, who knows nothing except call name – Mr Sajan, Mr Sajan

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