May I Come in Madam 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju hearing Bhupesh’s plan and talking to snake charmer. Sanju imagines saving Sanjana from the snake and impressing her. His imagination ends. The man asks Bhupesh for money. Sanju pays the man and smiles. Bhupesh says you are a good man and kisses Sanju. He leaves. Sanju asks the man that he wants a snake, without poison. He goes to office with the snake in his office bag. He waits for Sanjana.

He greets her and asks how is she. She says I just came from Icu. He asks what. She says its silly question, you should not ask it. he says sorry. She asks him not to become her servant. The snake gets out of the bag. Guard plays song with snake tune and Sanju worries seeing snake. Sanjana asks are you okay, why are you restless. He asks guard to stop the song, its

not good.

Sanju goes to cabin and looks for the snake. Peon comes there and asks Sanju to get up, else his back will ache, he will not get sleep at night. Sanju scolds him and asks him to get lost. Peon wears goggles turning into boss and scolds Sanju. Sanju says Sir, my purse fell here, I told peon to give me a stick. Boss says I will see peon and goes. Sanju gets the snake back and keeps it inside the bag. He says we are not on picnic, don’t come out.

Sanju goes to Sanjana. Sanjana tells him that she was talking to her friend. She tells about Sheru, he is like my boyfriend. He says sorry, why don’t you call him here. She says because of dad, whenever he sees dad, he bites him. He asks why. She says mind your own business, why did you come here. He says I had to take your sign. She asks on what. He says heart, I mean file. He gives the file and says I will think of slogan, I chose the tune. He sings the snake tune. She asks whats this. He says its tune for ad. She asks will youy play this tune infront of cow. He says I was playing it infront of snake. She asks what. He goes out and sees peon meditating. He asks what are you doing. Peon says I have gas. Sanju asks why. Peon says its hard to guess. Sanju says leave it, get tea for me. Peon asks his taste, which changes again. Sanju says you know it, what to do, i m not getting satisfaction. He keeps snake inside bag and scolds him, as it did not come out on time.

Bhupesh says I have work to keep an eye on you and tell Kashmira after going home. Sanju scolds him and asks what will you say. Bhupesh says that you are always in madam’s office. Sanju says madam called me and pushes him. Bhupesh falls on peon and tea falls on Sanju’s pants. Sanju gets angry on peon. Peon turns into boss and asks whats happening. Sanju complains about Bhupesh. Boss asks him not to fight in office, go and clean your pants, what will anyone think. Sanju goes.

Sanju cleans the pants and coins fall. He picks the coins and says stain got removed, how will I wear this wet pants, everyone will comment. He keeps it to dry. He attends Kashmira’s call, and someone takes his pants. He thinks how to go out. Kashmira tells him that mummy and I are coming to your office. He gets shocked and asks why are you coming suddenly. She says I told you in morning that we will go for movie, mummy said she will come along. Sanju gets tensed and says fine, you go with mummy, watch the movie, I will not come then. Kashmira asks why. He says mummy is always with us. She says its too much, we are coming, that’s it. He says let me think, I work here, I m not boss. She asks why is your voice echoing. He says I m in bathroom. She asks with whom, what are you doing. He jokes and says come here, we will play cards in bathroom. He says I will call you back, love you and ends call. Kashmira goes to get ready.

Sanju hides from everyone in office.

Update Credit to: Amena

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