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May I Come in Madam 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going to meet Sanjana. She asks him to say icecream ad idea. He says there is a beautiful and hot heroine. She says you mean like me, okay then. He says then hero comes, smart and handsome, young. She says nice, then. He says then hero gets icecream for heroine, they have icecream in park, a black male comes in between, who is very greedy, he eats their icecream. She asks who is that man. Manoj comes there and hugs her. Manoj asks her to give money to pay auto fare and blackmails her about pics. Sanju scolds him a lot for blackmailing Sanjana, and beats him a lot. Manoj says I won’t leave you and goes. Sanjana scares Sanju that Manju is big goon, he will not leave you now, go and hide somewhere. Sanju gets shocked and asks are you saying this now. She says I

made him swear that he won’t beat anyone infront of me, so he did not beat me, go and hide.

Kashmira screams seeing Sanju. Sanju says its me, Sanju. Bhupesh and Kashmira ask why is he hiding applying face pack, who is that woman. Sanju says its some man, I applied this so that he does not identify me. Bhupesh asks is he coming to beat you, then I will get him here. Sanju says Kashmira stop him, I will tell you everything later.

Manoj asks Sanju to come out, and tells Bhupesh that Sanju insulted me infront of my wife, I will insult him infront of his wife now. Kashmira says he is not at home. Bhupesh asks Sanju to come out, else I will get this man there. Sanju comes there and Manoj beats him. Kashmira stops him and says I will call police. Manoj slaps Bhupesh and goes. Sanju beats Bhupesh. Kashmira asks who was he.

Sanju goes office and meets Sanjana. She says Manoj is her husband and Lord. He tells about Manoj beating him yesterday. She asks why did Manoj ask for 100rs from me then. Sanju says sorry, I can’t take your burden now, I should not come between you two now. Manoj comes and Sanju imagines to beat him. Manoj asks will you become a wall between us. Sanju says no, I wanted to leave and madam is pulling me in this matter. Sanjana asks was this your loyalty, you were ready to give everything for me. Sanju says yes, its enough now. She asks will you not say this again. Sanju says yes, save me from your husband. She asks whose husband, are you not ashamed to say this. He says he is not your husband, you did this drama. She says yes, fake husband and fake blackmailing, I did this to teach you lesson to talk properly. Sanju says you joke bad.

Next day, Sanju happily goes to Sanjana. He says I need to talk about Lalwani’s ad. She asks him does he love her. He says I…. She asks why, can’t an employee love his boss. He says yes, completely. She asks him to think they are BF GF and are in relationship. He says I always think so, I mean I thought, we are in love. She asks him to show him his love and touch her. Music plays………….. Sanju’s hands get shaken. He holds her hand. She says your touch does not have that warmth.

He says no, I have warmth and burns firestick on his hand. She says wow, you are hot. His imagination ends. She says I mean your touch has no warmth, love guru says if you feel current by someone’s touch, he is the one, he is your love. He says that’s called infection. She tells about love guru and asks him to read. He laughs and says I don’t think he is love guru. She says I did not meet him, my friend told me about him, I m reading his writings and poetry, if he asks me to love someone, I will love that person madly without thinking. He thinks then be ready to get mad, this love guru will make our love start.

Sanju as love guru meets Sanjana at night. He asks for some address. She says your face looks very similar. He says shayari. He says I m love guru. She smiles and he talks to her. She says I read a lot about you, tell me when will I get my love. He says someone around you, in your office. She asks who will I know. He says someone who can give his life for you will be your love. She asks him to come to her office. He says I have much work, I will meet you later. She asks for his number. He says I got new number and gives her. She thanks him and says your words are going to change my life, I want to thank you, I want to kiss you, its weird, I know. She holds his hand and kisses him. Sanju gets shaken. He leaves.

Kashmira talks to Sanju and says I will make you wear this bracelet. She asks whose kiss is this and scolds Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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