May I Come in Madam 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana coming office. Desi girl….plays………. Khiloni flirts with her and passes liners. He asks will you come with me. She asks why, are you guide. He says why, I can become anything if you say. She asks whats your problem. Sanju comes and scolds Khiloni to impress Sanjana. He says I can’t bear any woman’s insult. Khiloni acts like goon and asks him to leave. Sanju starts boasting about himself. He beats Khiloni. Everyone look on. Sanju asks them to leave. Sanjana says I m impressed. Sanju says I controlled infront of you, else I would have changed his bone design. They get inside lift.

Sanjana tells Sanju that he has been showing his talent, she is impressed, he has that something in him, will he work with her. He says we are already working together.

She says not that, something else, did you hear about Bijli, I m chief of that gang. He gets shocked. She says gold smuggling, contract killing, we do it all. He gets tensed seeing the gun. She says you are bold, will you work with me, you are smart, good looking, you have baby face, no one will doubt on you. He says but I ….. She asks are you with me. He says I can’t say no, I will work with you. Sanjana thinks Sanju is fooling me.

Sanju meets Khiloni at night and says I did wrong work for the first time, I m tensed, if police catches me then. They have a talk. Sanjana comes there. Sanju says you here, you would have called me. She says my phone is tapped, relax, it’s a normal thing, anyway, did you deliver that parcel. He says yes. She says come fast, an assignment is waiting. Khiloni says tell her you have body ache. Sanju makes excuse. Sanjana says we will have police after us, all body ache will go, come. They leave.

Sanjana stops the car and asks him to cry in dog’s sound, this is signal. He says I did not cry like that before, sorry, I will cry. He makes sounds. She says its not working, change sound. He says dog is dog. She says dog shows feelings in his cry, come on cry. He makes silly sounds. He goes and puts a briefcase. Police comes and Sanju rushes to car. He asks her to drive fast.

Later, Sanju comes home and is worried. He asks why did they not sleep till now. Kashmira asks where was he till late. Sanju says I don’t know I can answer or not. Bhupesh asks him to answer. Sanju asks Bhupesh not to talk in between, I was in hell, I was working in office. Kashmira says I called office, peon said you are not at office. He says you trust peon, not me. Mummy jokes on peon. Sanju says I was working in office, can’t you understand. Dadi comes there and they all get shocked. Bhupesh gets beaten up. Its morning, Sanju and Bhupesh wait near lift. Sanjana comes there. Sanju is scared.

Sanjana sends Bhupesh to get some files. Sanjana and Sanju enter the lift with inspector. Sanju gets tensed. Sanjana says we are colleagues. Inspector says I think he is scared seeing police. Sanju says you can say that. Inspector says we beat just criminals, we behave normal with citizens, we came to find a smuggler who works in corporate office, be careful, inform me if you get to know. Sanju signs Sanjana. Inspector asks Sanj to relax and goes. Sanjana asks Sanju to have some shame, how can he be so scared.

Peon asks Sanjana the progress. She says about Lalwani’s ad. They talk about Sanju, who is new in their work, such people say everything in police. They start laughing. She says we are acting here. He says yes, I m champion in acting, I came home late and I had wounds on face, I told your mum that I ell from stairs, Dhobi has beaten me, don’t ask why. She says understood. He asks till when to do this acting. She says for few days, Sanju has to understand that just work should be done in office. She smiles.

Sanjana says its big risk, I want daring guy, who is fearless of police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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