May I Come in Madam 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming home. Kashmira asks Chedi to have biscuit. Chedi flirts with Sanju’s mum in law. Sanju asks him to leave. Kashmira says Chedi ji got a good offer, he is also making a film now. Sanju starts acting sweet and praises Chedi Sir. Chedi says it will be better for both parties. Sanju says if you are making film, you don’t need Shreyas, launch madam with me, your money will save. Chedi says no, Sanjana is doing other movie, all characters will be of home, Ramwati will do heroine role. Mummy/Ramwati gets glad.

Sanju asks how can this happen. Mummy asks why are you jealous. Sanju says I m worried seeing your character. Chedi says we are making romantic movie, we will go and rehearse, come.

Khiloni asks Sanju to make him meet Shreyas. Sanju says

Shreyas is clever, he took my idea and removed me from movie, he is at her home. Khiloni says go there, don’t leave them alone, call him. Sanju hugs Khiloni by liking his idea.

Sanjana answers Shreyas’s phone and says he is in bathroom. Sanju says I need to talk something imp, shall I come home. She says fine, get good snacks for madam. He says okay.

Sanjana and Shreyas rehearse a scene. Sanju gets snacks and says he fought with goons to get snacks. Sanju says I m not in film. Shreyas says I got a character for you, read the dialogues. He gives a booklet. Sanju says there are many lines, I need time. Shreyas says I m hero, your character name is Sunil.

Sanju says there is one line, fine Sir. Shreyas says yes, you have to get inside character. He praises Sanju. Shreyas and Sanjana rehearse. Sanju gets jealous and asks him to take heroine’s name, not Sanjana. Shreyas says I changed heroine name to Sanjana, don’t disturb now.

Shreyas asks Sanju to say a line. Sanju gets annoyed and says yes Sir. He goes. Shreyas says you have a bright future, shall we rehearse again. She says fine Chedi boss and mummy dance on Abhi na jao chod kar….Sanju comes and scolds mummy to ruin their respect. Chedi defends. Sanju scolds him. Kashmira comes and says we were rehearing the movie. Sanju says let them do this, stop this circus.

He insults Chedi. Sanju scolds them. Dadi comes and scares Sanju. Sanju runs and they continue rehearing. Sanju sees the film poster. The men talk bad about Shreyas and Sanjana. Sanju asks what nonsense. Sanju gets angry and removes the poster. He tears it and his imagination ends. Kashmira asks him to sleep. Sanju says I can’t let this dream come true, Sanjana can’t become heroine of someone else.

Its morning, Sanju comes to office. Sanjana yawns. She says Shreyas did not let me sleep, it was beautiful night of my life. He asks what did you both do. She says same thing that two people in love do, Shreyas made me so happy. He says then I have to go away, permanent leave, I don’t want to live. He stabs himself. She asks are you okay. His imagination ends. She asks what are you doing. He serves her coffee. She says we did rehearsals all night and could not sleep. He asks did anything else not happen. She asks what, I can’t do bold scenes in first movie.

Sanju dresses as lady and tells Shreyas cheated me. Sanju says I m pregnant. Sanjana and Shreyas get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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