May I Come in Madam 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going to Sanjana. He hears her talking to phone about booking just one suite. She gives a jacket to Sanju and asks did you like it, turn around. She makes him wear it. he says you have very good choice of men’s wear, when do we have to go. She says tomorrow morning, did you get NOC. He shows the NOC. Boss comes and asks can I get any more shawls. Sanjana says its fine, we are going Switzerland, and Sanju is going Nainital. Sanju gets shocked and faints. He says I will just go Switzerland.

Later. Sanju checks the plantation at his home. He sees a girl and says this girl looks like Ramesh. He asks is she Ramesh’s sister. Ramesh says I m Ramesh and proves. Sanju asks why are you roaming as girl. Ramesh says I became a girl to be with my boss, its great to

become a girl, girl is comfortable with girls, I had to spend time with my boss, so I became a girl. Sanju says its cheap idea. Ramesh says girls don’t come out at night, we will meet in daytime. He goes. Sanju says he is mad.

Kashmira talks to her friend. Sanju comes there. Kashmira asks her friend not to die and gives advice. She scolds Sanju for disturbing her. He says sorry. Kashmira tells her friend got fat and is willing to die now, as her husband will start having an affair, you can’t understand woman’s pain. He says you are strange. she says you won’t understand our emotion. He jokes on them. She scolds him for being so insensitive. Mummy sees them and goes. Kashmira scares Sanju of Dadi. He asks Dadi not to come and goes. He shows mummy who heard everything. Mummy goes. Sanju says its good I m not a woman, I m set as a man.

Sanju goes to Sanjana. She scares him and laughs. She says I m going for camping. He says wow, camping. She says I will go for long drive, I will bath under the fountain, then change clothes behind rocks. He says wow …… anything else. She asks what are you doing on weekend. He says I m free. She asks will your wife have any problem if you spend night out. He says its no issue, I will come, sure, will you pay for everything, or shall I contribute. She asks what are you thinking, I want you to come at my home and give company to my dad. He asks are you going alone or anyone else. She says with my friend Natasha. He says oh, Russian. She says she is wonderful, I love her. She asks does he have any work. He says no. She asks then why did you come. He goes and wishes he was a woman.

At night, Sanju meets Khiloni. He tells about Sanjana’s camping trip. Khiloni jokes on Sanju. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni says girl feels secure with a girl, you become a girl. Sanju recalls Ramesh’s words. Khiloni suggests him to become a girl and get friendly with Sanjana, so that he can go on camping with her. Sanju praises him for good ideas. Kashmira comes and scolds them. Sanju goes home. He compliments Kashmira that dinner was good. Kashmira says I told my friend to join gym. Sanju says women has a problem, they think a lot about everything. She says so what. He says its an art, but their BP increases by over thinking, an ideal woman should realize the importance of matters, you were explaining your friend as you knew she was wrong to commit suicide, I know you fought with me, as I m also wrong, just a woman is right.

He praises her. She asks what did Khiloni make you drink, are you not in your senses. He says you have good sense of humor, why did Lord make me man, woman has so many shades. Kashmira smiles. He says woman is a well of emotions, I salute women. Kashmira says wow, you have become more great in my eyes, I see my friend in you, I love you. He says I love you too and hugs Kashmira. Sanju thinks to try this idea on Sanjana.

Sanju tells Sanjana that he has a woman trapped in a man’s body, how to express…. he means he is a woman. Sanjana looks on puzzled on his nonsense talk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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