May I Come in Madam 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju to guess what she is saying. She says its very sweet, solid, look at me, come here boy. Sanju throws the curtain and goes to her. Gulabo…..plays…….. Sanjana kisses him. She calls him out and he comes out of his imagination. She asks him to get coffee for her. He says oh, you were saying about coffee, I thought blanket. She says its time for blanket, lets start with coffee. She smiles. He blushes and goes.

Sanju gets coffee and sees her. He asks Kashmira when did you come. Sanjana says I came long time back. She says its Kashmira’s saree. Sanjana says I found this in bathroom and wore it, how do I look. He says very nice madam, have coffee. He thinks if Kashmira comes… he says rain stopped, I mean if you want to go, your dad would

be worried. She says my dad is not worried, he knows I can’t get spoiled, I m already spoilt. She laughs and says shayari.

Bhupesh says taxi is there, don’t know what will Dadi do of driver. He goes to see inside the house and thinks Sanjana is Kashmira/Dadi. Sanju sees Bhupesh and signs that its Dadi. Bhupesh runs from there. Sanjana asks about her performance. Sanju says it was scary, I already have two chudail in my life. She asks are you saying about your wife. He says no. she asks why don’t you tantric. He says tantric can’t help. Bhupesh runs back to taxi and sits there. He sees Dadi sitting there and gets shocked.

Sanju thinks why did Bhupesh come, I think Kashmira sent him, if Bhupesh tells Kashmira, she will not leave me, madam is also not leaving. Sanjana asks what are you thinking. Sanju says nothing, I m worried, its late night, you might get sleep. Sanjana says I m sleeping. Sanju asks what. Dadi beats Bhupesh. Sanju says your eyes are open. She says I sleep with open eyes. He says okay, nice. She says you are very innocent. He asks why. She says you have big chance and you don’t take advantage. He asks what. She says I m alone here, its just you and me, if you want, you can come close and hold my hand. Sanju holds her hand and shouts I love you Sanjana. He comes out of his fantasy. She says Mr. Sajan whats wrong. He says nothing, you were saying something. She says I was saying, you could have asked me to promote you, I don’t like this, I should leave now. He says shall I leave you.. She says I left many till now, will you leave me, anyways iron my saree and bring it.

Kashmira asks Bhupesh why is he lying on ground. Bhupesh says Dadi came and beaten me. Kashmira says I don’t know. Bhupesh says if you are here, who was with Sanju. She slaps him. He says I felt that woman is Dadi. Kashmira calls Sanju, while he is ironing Sanjana’s saree. Sanju acts like sleeping and she says she is in jagrata. He asks her to come home. She says we got late as Dadi came on the way. He says your Dadi is naughty, I want you, come back. She says no, I m not coming. She smiles and ends call. Sanjana asks Sanju to hurry up. Sanju says its done. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh, and says Sanju was calling me home.

Sanjana goes to change. Sanju stands outside. The power goes. Sanjana asks why did power go. Sanju says power is gone from outside. Mummy comes home and tells Sanju to shut door, Dadi has come. She goes to bathroom and thinks Sanjana is Dadi. She faints. Sanjana comes out running and asks who is she. Sanju says Gorilli, my saas, she is mad. Sanjana says I got so scared. Her dad calls her. Sanjana thanks him. She says dad arranged another car for me and leaves. Sanju thanks Lord.

Its morning, Kashmira watches Kamini’s show. Kamini says did this happen that your husband took you out by leaving his work. Kashmira says no. Kamini says it means your husband loves his job more than you.

Kashmira says Sanju loves me a lot. Kamini says you are mistaken. Kashmira says I will ask Sanju, choose either me or job. Mummy says then he will leave you. Kashmira says Sanju and I never fight. Mummy says you means I fight always. Sanju comes and taunts mummy that she is very horrible. Mummy gets angry. Kashmira asks her to go.

Kashmira asks Sanju where is he going. He says I have swimming competition with fishes. She asks him to say he is going office. He asks where do I go then. She says I have to watch for movie. He asks her to go. She says you said yes and we are going. Sanju agrees.

Bhupesh coughs to sign a man. He smiles seeing a girl coming his way. The girl throws snake and girl gets scared. She hugs Bhupesh. Sanju looks on. The man asks where did the snake go. The girl asks the man to control his snake. Bhupesh scolds the man and smiles. The man apologizes. The girl thanks Bhupesh calling him bhaiya. Sanju smiles.

Sanju scolds Bhupesh and pushes him. water falls on Sanju. He goes to change, and leaves his pant in bathroom. Kashmira calls him and says mummy and I are coming to your office. Sanju thinks how to go out without pants.

Update Credit to: Amena

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