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May I Come in Madam 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju checking expenses. He asks mummy to put less water to plants. Kashmira says I told you not to spend. He says one number got wrong. Mummy says your eyes got faulty. He scolds mummy. Kashmira scolds him. Bhupesh gets milk and another lottery ticket. Sanju scolds Bhupesh for wasting money too. Kashmira says you did not listen to me. Bhipesh checks lottery number and says we won 5 crores lottery. Sanju says don’t say nonsense. Bhupesh says I m saying truth, I matched numbers twice. Sanju checks and jumps happily saying we won lottery. They all look at him. Dadi comes in Kashmira and says you won lottery, but have torn ticket. She beats Sanju.

Sanju talks to her friend and says I just wanted to become a guy and tease girls. Sanju comes there. He tells about

perfume ad tagline. He explains the idea. She asks him to use proper words, why are you using cheap words. He says I was explaining in simple words. She says I can understand complicated language easily. She checks the script. He gets Kashmira’s call. She asks why does she call in office hours. He says I have no control on my wife. She says answer it. He talks to Kashmira. Sanjana reads script. Kashmira asks who is she. Sanju says she is Sanjana madam. He asks Sanjana to talk to Kashmira. Sanjana jokes and he falls in trouble.

Kashmira misunderstands. He ends call. Sanjana laughs. He says I did not write those lines in script. She says now Kashmira will be sure you were with some girl. She sprays perfume on him and laughs. He looks on and thinks all tension goes seeing her laughing, I wish she laughs always and I just see her.

Sanju goes home and Khiloni meets him on the way. Khiloni says Kashmira’s mood is bad, she slapped me. Sanju slaps him and says you teased my wife. Khiloni says why will I tease her, I went to ask for snacks and she slapped me. Sanju says sorry, fine you beat me. Kanchan comes and hugs Sanju, saying some bag guys are teasing me. He asks what about you teasing the guys. She says I don’t tease anyone and pulls his cheeks. Sanju goes home.

Bhupesh asks Kashmira to beat Sanju. She slaps him and says I told you to keep an eye on Sanju, you did not. She asks Sanju from where is he coming. He says from office. Mummy says your shirt has lipstick mark. He jokes on mummy. He gets shocked seeing lipstick mark and thinks how did this come.

Bhupesh asks him to think well. Sanju says Kanchan came running and hugged me, as some goons got after her, its her lipstick mark. Mummy asks about perfume. Sanju says its Kasturi’s brand perfume. Kashmira asks why did you apply ladies perfume. Sanju says we are making ad for this brand and madam has sprayed it on me. Kashmira asks who was with her. He says it was madam, she was reading script. She says wait, I will call and ask. Sanjana attends Kashmira’s call. Kashmira asks was she with Sanju in office. Sanjana says yes. Sanju asks did madam say yes, did your doubt get clear, you have such small mentality, whats your problem. Sanjana smiles hearing this and ends call. Sanju scolds Kashmira. Dadi comes. Bhupesh and mummy leave. Dadi beats Sanju.

Its morning, Sanju waits for Sanjana and says she will be angry, I will apologize to her. Sanjana comes there. He greets her and apologizes to her for Kashmira’s call. He says she has small mentality, she doubts a lot. She says I think you are broad minded, I heard your conversation. He says yes, I did not doubt on Kashmira till now, I never had problem with her friends. She says good. They get inside lift. She says Janu. He asks what. She says Janu Riteshi is my cousin, he is going to join company and work under you. He says fine, but its strange name. She says even your name is strange. She goes.

Sanju waits to see Sanjana and says my day goes waste if I don’t see her. Bhupesh asks him what are you doing. Sanju gets angry on him. Bhupesh calls Kashmira. Sanju says sorry.

Boss comes there and they greet him. Boss says I want you to introduce my nephew Janu. Sanjana in man’s disguise comes there as Janu. Sanju greets Janu and says he is very cute. Boss says he is my family member. Bhupesh says he is soft. Boss asks Bhupesh to work. He asks Janu to learn work from Sanju. Sanju asks Janu/Sanjana to sit. He says you are so cute, same like madam. Sanjana says yes, I look like Didi. Sanju says voice is also same, yoi are very cute, how many GF you have. Janu says I m shy. Sanju pulls his cheeks. Janu says you are also handsome uncle, how many GFs you have. Sanju says I m married. Sanjana says you look bachelor, Didi praises you. Sanju asks what does she say about me. Sanjana says you are hardworking, nice and broad minded. Sanju says you talk cute, tell me more. Sanjana asks why do you want to know. Sanju says she is my boss, I should know what she thinks about me. Sanjana says she does not like one or two things, she says you are fool, I fooled you. Sanju says you are cute, just come with me to my home, Kashmira will be happy meeting you, don’t be shy, she is your aunty, we will party. Sanjana asks him ti explain work. Sanju says leave work, we will chat.

Sanju asks Janu where are you. He gets shocked seeing Janu/Sanjana resting in Kashmira’s lap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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