May I Come in Madam 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episod starts with Sanju meeting Sanjana at office. She scolds him for his cheap acting, his family did overacting, what were they doing, I don’t blame them, they got training from him. She says I had to show Chedi is helping them, officer arrested Chedi and did not feel Chedi helps them. He says I understood, when play director does acting, he does not see other’s acting, I could not focus on them. She says I don’t care a damn about them.

Inspector interrogates Chedi. Sanju and his family come there to save Chedi. Mummy says he is Lord, he has helped us, I mean he has ended our poverty. Officer asks why do you all look so poor, look at them, see their faces, you are lying. Sanju says he gives us much donation, a goon snatches money from us. Bhupesh says Khiloni is the goon.

Rampath says I know him. Sanju asks why did you take his name. Bhupesh says I had to take revenge. Officer asks Chedi to go home. Sanju goes to inform Khiloni.

He says I will make him run away. He asks Khiloni to wake up. Sanju says police is after you, run away. Khiloni asks why, what did I do. Sanju tells everything. Khiloni says I will see Bhupesh. Sanju says first go from here. Rampath comes and arrests Khiloni. Sanju gets shocked.

Sanju comes home. Mummy says new fridge and AC did not come. Sanju says stop it, Khiloni got arrested. Kashmira argues. Bhupesh says it happened good. Sanju gets angry and shouts.

Sanjana plays guitar and sings my Papa got free of jail. Sanju comes. She asks him to have sweets. Sanju refuses. She says it looks like you are sorrowful. He says Khiloni went to jail, he is innocent. She laughs. She says you are so upset and romances. His imagination ends. She asks what happened. He makes excuse. He thinks to do something. She asks him to sing along.

Khiloni gets beaten up by Rampath. Khiloni says I did not do anything. Rampath says why did Sanju not come to free you. Sanju comes in disguise and sees Khiloni getting beaten up. Khiloni says some goon takes money from me. Sanju meets Khiloni. Khiloni argues with him. Sanju says I will do something. Khiloni says do something soon, I will tell your name.

Chedi flirts with Ranwati. Sanju comes and scolds him. He tells about Khiloni’s arrest. Sanjana says you are the root of all problems. Sanju says you did not pay tax. He says I have lost my senses, Khiloni is threatening me that he will tell my name. She asks don’t you care for him now. Khiloni gets beaten up during interrogated. Khiloni gets Sanju’s call. Sanju says I will call you as goon, put on speaker. Khiloni makes them hear Sanju. Sanju talks as goon. Officer says what place did he say. He beats Khiloni. Sanjana says we will think what to do now.

Sanjana says I have an awesome idea. She tells the idea to Sanju and his family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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