May I Come in Madam 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming office wearing a wig. Sanjana comes and asks about his hairstyle. He says the gel did not stay, my hair are very silky. She asks can I grip your hair. He says yes, my hair are strong. She holds his hair and pulls. He screams. His imagination ends. She asks what’s wrong with you. He says I was excited, you are a great hairstylist. She asks really. He says yes, I don’t have hair left now. She asks what. He says nothing. She goes. Chedi asks Sanju to have tea. Sanju scolds him and throws the tea. Tea falls over Sanju. Sanju gets angry and goes to washroom to wash the wig. Chedi finds the wig and takes it. Sanju looks for wig. Kashmira calls him. He argues. She apologizes to him. He gets annoyed as she has made him bald. He ends call and thinks how to

go out now. He fixes a towel. Liftman plays dekho chand aaya. Sanju runs away.

Chedi wears his wig and flirts with Julie. Sanju sees him. Sanjana comes there and asks for Sanju. Sanju hides. She asks Chedi what happened to his hair. She asks him to send Chedi. Sanju throws coins. Chedi bends to pick. Sanju takes his wig and goes.

The good Teja tells the man that I will get gold delivery, I m bald. The man tells his code. Teja tells his code. Sanju tells the jingle of slipper product. She asks him to feel the amazing weather. She asks him to stand with her and feel the breath. He thinks this wig is lucky for me, I will fix this permanently, madam wants to get romantic. He holds her hands. He says I feel I m close to heaven. She says this is so amazing. His wig flies and falls down. He gets worried. She gets shocked seeing him bald. She throws his wig and runs away.

Sanju looks for the wig. The man comes to deliver gold and sees bald Sanju. He thinks he is Teja. He asks code. Sanju angrily tells same code which Teja said. The man gives him the bag and asks him to keep mind calm. Sanju asks what. The man runs. Police comes there and catches Sanju. Sanju asks what’s happening. Inspector asks him to open suitcase. Sanju opens the suitcase and sees gold. Sanju gets arrested. Inspector beats up Sanju in police station. Sanju says arrest Kashmira and Bhupesh also. He asks inspector to leave him.

Kashmira comes to defend Sanju. Inspector gets a call and realizes Sanju is innocent. Sanju complains about Kashmira and says she has made me bald. Kashmira apologizes to him. Inspector asks him to go. He sings song.

Sanju comes to office by hair weaving. He tells Sanjana that he did not get his wig. She asks is this new wig. He says no, its my real wig, I had that bald wig. She asks why. He says I was joking with you. She says this was not funny, how can you joke with me, who am I. He says boss. She says stay in your limits, no need to be overfriendly. He says sorry. She says if anyone like Shakaal comes in front of me, I will like him, bald man looks hot, can you wear bald wig and come again. He worries.


Sanju gives chaat dish to Sanjana. She asks him to ask for any favor. He sings song. He burps. She makes a face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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