May I Come in Madam 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana coming home. Her dad asks do you have to go somewhere, don’t you have any club party. She says no, why any problem. He says some relative was coming. She asks who. He says you did not related to her somewhere. She asks for her phone. She calls Sanju and asks did your wife agree. He says no, she does not work, I m excited for trip, we will have fun. She says we are sending you for work. He says yes, work will be there, but we will have time. She says whatever, get NOC, don’t forget. Dadi comes to Sanju and coughs. He gets shocked seeing Dadi.

Sanjana’s dad tells Sanju that he deserves this trip, are you going out. She says I m not going out, you go out and meet your relative. He says I don’t deserve this. Sanju hides in bathroom and calls Khiloni.

He says madam gave me chance for Switzerland and asks for NOC signed by Kashmira, she always cheats me by saying tough things, how shall I explain Kashmira. Khiloni asks him not to tell Kashmira and sign on Kashmira’s behalf. Sanju says if Kashmira and madam talk and secret comes out, then Dadi will come. Khiloni asks him to trouble Kashmira, then she will kick you out of home, show you got ill, she will ask you to get change of place. Sanju says good idea, I will send badam for you this time. Khiloni says I really need it. Kashmira calls Sanju. Sanju gets relieved that Dadi is gone.

Sanj goes to Sanjana. She asks did you do the work I gave you. He says yes. She asks about NOC. He says Kashmira’s fingers burnt while making rotis. She says you are so close to me. He says its my good luck. She says stand away, I m your boss, not wife. He says sorry, Kashmira told me to trust me and understand, papers and all are… She says fine, we can change some rules for you, but I will talk to Kashmira. He says thanks, but you can’t talk to Kashmira, she made hot parathas and tries eating it, her mouth burnt, she can’t talk, I will get NOC tomorrow. She says fine. He says mountains will have much coldness. She says yes, don’t worry. He imagines enjoying in snow.

She asks where did you get lost. He says I was excited for the mountains. She asks him to show excitement in work. He says sorry and goes. He sits planning about Sanjana and him. Peon comes there and Sanju scolds him. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. Sanju greets him. Boss asks him why did he threaten peon and scolds him. Boss removes goggles and turns into peon. He takes Sanju’s measurements to make a jacket for him and holds him. Sanju says I don’t like all this, I will give all measurements. Peon wishes him happy journey.

Mummy is very happy and dances on mujra song. Kashmira looks on. mummy cracks joke. Kashmira says you will never change. Sanju thinks to trouble everyone so much that they kick him out. Mummy plays song. Sanju asks her why is she wearing gajra, is she not ashamed, and scolds her. She smiles. He says I m insulting you, are you not angry. She says no, its fine, you are family member. He thinks mummy is not getting angry today. Bhupesh comes and asks Sanju are you not well. Sanju scolds him. Bhupesh does not get angry and says I know you are unwell, I will talk to patients well, I love you. Sanju calls out Kashmira and throws things in anger. He goes.

Sanjana’s dad tells her that she works a lot, I will get tea. She says no, its fine. He asks shall I get fruits. She says no, I can take care of myself. He says you don’t take care of yourself.

Sanjana says parents share friendly relationship with children, you are still…. Her dad tries to be friendly. She smiles and asks him to get coffee for her. Sanju says Kashmira won’t agree easily, I have to do emotional torture now. He calls Kashmira and says my head is aching a lot. She asks why. He says the life I m living, these are side effects, I wish to go abroad, doctors are advising to go abroad once or twice every year to lower work stress. She says yes, you are right. He says I have much responsibility, can I live without you.

She says I will solve your problem, I will come with you. He asks what are you saying, I know you have many duties, this house needs you, I m not selfish to think about myself, I can go alone and live without you, so that I learn. She says fine, go, think where will you go. He says yes, I have to think, my office was telling me about some trip, I refused, see they gave me this paper, they said if I don’t go, I can lose job, sign on it. She signs on the paper and asks him to take rest. She goes. Sanju gets glad and dances.

Sanjana tells Sanju that she will go on long driver, and drive in shower. He says wow….. She asks what are you doing next weekend.

Update Credit to: Amena

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