May I Come in Madam 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju talking to Kashmira. Mummy comes and gets into argument with Sanju. Kashmira asks mummy to come for jagrata, Bhupesh is waiting with taxi. Sanju says she will fight, not do jagrata. Kashmira asks Sanju to take care of stomach. She says love you and leaves. Sanju shuts the door and says a good day today.

Later at night, it starts raining. Sanju drinks and enjoys the weather. The door bell rings. He goes out to see. He gets shocked seeing Sanjana in drenched clothes. He says madam you, please come in. He shuts the door. Sanjana looks at him. He screams seeing himself in vest and shorts. He runs to his room and says door got stuck again. Sanjana asks Sanju to hurry up. He says I m just coming and covers himself with a curtain. He sees Sanjana drying her hair.

Music plays…………..

He takes her within the curtain and they romance. He comes out of his fantasy. She asks why did you scream seeing me. He says I was wearing less clothes. She says oh, so you wrapped this curtain. He says sorry. She says its fine, where is your wife. He says everyone went in jagrata. She says so you were enjoying at home. He says no. she asks whats in that glass. He says lemon tea. She says you are smelling of wine. He says sorry. She says its fine, its your house if you were drinking. He says yes, will you drink. She says I want a towel, I will get cold, get clothes too. He asks shall I get jeans and tshirt. She asks will I wear jeans and tshirt. He asks then what. She says I will wear bikini. He says its not at home, I will buy it. She asks do you want to see me in bikini. He says yes, no, but you said. She says you asked silly question, get a saree. He says don’t get me wrong. She says don’t be scared, I m not your GF that if your wife sees me, it will be problem, get saree, hurry up. He says sorry. Kashmira and family are on the way. Mummy asks Kashmira why are we going back. Kashmira thinks to catch Sanju red handed today.

The taxi stops. Mummy asks driver why is car not working. Driver says I think engine has problem, I m not fortune teller to know this would happen, you all look mad. Mummy slaps Bhupesh and says he is calling you mad. Bhupesh scolds the driver. Driver argues. Dadi comes in Kashmira. Mummy says Dadi came. Bhupesh and mummy run away from the taxi, leaving driver with Dadi.

Sanjana asks Sanju to hurry up. Sanju brings the shirt. Sanjana says what did you get, I asked for blouse, you got this huge one, is this your wife’s blouse. He says a gorilla stays with us, my mum in law, my wife locked her cupboard. Sanjana says its fine, I will stay in my clothes, even if I get pneumonia, you did not ask me what am I doing here. She says I wanted to spend time with you. Sanju takes jug of water of put on him. She says actually its not like that, I wanted to spend night with you, I m hungry, is there anything to eat. He says yes, there is plenty of food. Her dad calls her. Sanjana says my car broke down, I called mechanic, don’t worry, I m at Mr. Sajan’s home.

Sanjana laughs and says who will kidnap me, the kidnappers who did mistake before got mad, Mr Sajan is very good and coward too, he is afraid that I can do wrong with him. She gets surprised seeing her fav dish. He asks her to eat fast. She says its nice. She says someone is knocking the door. He says yes, excuse me, pickle is there too. Sanju gets shocked seeing Dadi…. He comes out of his fearful fantasy. Sanjana asks what happened, why are you staring at me like this, whats wrong, shall I open the door. Sanju says no, I will see. He sees Kishore outside and asks whats the problem. Kishora says my wife is missing, did she come here. Sanju says why will your wife come here, even my wife is not here. Dadi drives the car and scares driver. Kishore asks who is inside then….

Sanju says no one. Kishore says I will check, I doubt on you, my wife is here. Sanju says she is not here. Kanchan says I m here, and calls Kishore. Sanju scolds Kishore. Sanjana comes and asks who is it. Kishore looks at her and Sanju… Sanju gets shocked and says she is my boss, her car broke down so she stayed here for some time. Kishore coughs and leaves.

She asks who was he. Sanju says my neighbor. Sanjana asks why did he feel his wife is here. Sanju says the man always doubts and thinks his wife has affair with someone. She says extra marital affair is fashion these days, don’t tell me you not have any.

Sanju says no, but…. I mean I did not think about it ever. Sanjana laughs and says you are such a fool, don’t you get bored of your wife. He says yes, no, I don’t get bored. She says you are confused and I will bring you out of this trap. He asks really. She says you are in serious condition, you are mentally unbalanced, you need a good psychiatrist, I know one, he is my friend. She says anyways, I m feeling cold, give me some warmth. He asks what. She talks about wine.

Sanjana says I m alone here and you can take advantage of this situation. He asks how. She says you can come close to me and hold my hand. Sanju holds her hand and shouts I love you Sanjana. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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