May I Come in Madam 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju boasting a lot. Lift man plays the song Kyu paisa paisa karti hai….. Sanju smiles. Sanjana goes. Liftman asks Sanju to book his holiday ticket too. Sanju scolds him. Peon comes to Sanju. Sanju insults him. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. He asks what language is this. Sanju says I told that to call you, come sit. He asks when are you making me this company partner. Boss asks him to be in his limits. Sanju says grab me, else you won’t get me tomorrow. Sanjana asks him to talk to her dad well. He says Sanjana, I respect you and your dad, so I want to become your business partner. She reminds she is his boss. He says fine, if this job is coming between us, I quit. Boss asks him not to spoil things, what do you want. Sanju says to become Sanjana’s life partner,

I mean business partner for all life. Boss asks Sanju to prove he is not mad and he really got a lottery. Sanju says I did not feel bad. Boss says first prove you have 5 crores, then we will talk. Sanju says Sanjana, our business tie up will happen, I love your company. Sanjana goes. Sanju calls peon and tells something. Peon laughs and goes.

Sanju calls the lottery office and asks for 5 crores. The man says you will get beating, you gave wrong number, check your eyes, you did not win. Sanju says I will be ruined. The man jokes on him. Sanju says I m gone now………

At night, Sanju comes home and is sad. Kashmira shows the shopping. She says see how many sarees I bought. He says yes. She says its all designer sarees. He thinks to slap himself and asks her not to say rates. She says I will say the rates, the cheapest saree is of 11000rs. I got branded shirt of 13000rs. He worries and says you are already beautiful, return all this. She says fine. He asks where did mummy and Bhupesh go. She says its good news, they went to buy flat, I told them to buy a good costly flat. He runs out.

Mummy and Bhupesh come and say congrats, we bought a home for 55 lakhs from your money. Sanju gets shocked and asks did you pay money. Mummy asks how would we pay 55 lakhs. Sanju says this is our house, why are you going. Bhupesh says I want to see you smiling. Sanju says you are my happiness, don’t leave me, don’t buy a house. Kashmira asks why are you loving them so much. Sanju says yes I love them, give me bike keys Bhupesh, you got a tummy. Bhupesh says I won’t give bike. Kashmira says Bhupesh is fit and looks hero. Mummy and Bhupesh go to have food. Sanju says I have love for your family. Kashmira goes. Sanju says its good house got cancelled, what will I do at office.

Its morning, Sanju sees Sanjana and calls jeweler. He says I m a simple man, I don’t want that diamond necklace. He cancels the order. He greets Sanjana and thinks he really spoiled things, she is not taking to me, I wish she was in my arms. The office gets earthquake and she falls in her arms. She asks him to live this moment well. Its imagination ends.

Sanjana is annoyed. They get inside lift. He gets travel agent’s call and cancels the ticket saying work excuse. The man scolds him. Sanjana hears him and leaves. Liftman laughs. Sanju goes to his cabin and sees peon. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss on seeing Sanju.

Boss says I decided to make you my partner. Sanju says no, I m a very simple man. Boss says I like your simplicity. Sanju says I realized I m a wrong man, I work here and wanted to buy this company, its so mean thinking, I m donkey. Sanjana says Papa also did this when he won lottery. Sanju says its not so bad, I m not agreeing to this, I want to be in boss’ feet. She says you were saying something else yesterday. He says I got mature with age. Boss says in just one day, what will you do now. Sanju says I will work in company as before. She says sorry, I gave your post to someone, I m the boss. He asks where will I go away from you, I mean from this company, I will do any work. Sanjana says fine, I guess we can give you one last chance, I did not keep anyone. Sanju says you scared me naughty girl. Boss asks him to do his work, and laughs. Sanjana leaves.

Sanjana reads Bhojpuri script. Kashmira hears this on Sanju’s phone and asks who is there with you. Sanju says its madam. Sanju asks Sanjana to talk to Kashmira. Sanjana jokes and he gets in problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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