May I Come in Madam 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju joking and fooling Kashmira. He says you don’t have patience, I wanted to give you surprise. Sanjana says I can’t wait, I m dying to meet Rajni Sir, he would have told you. Sanju says yes, he called me. He acts like Rajni Sir. Kashmira hugs Sanju and says you have good friendship with Rajni Sir. Sanju says yes. Sanjana asks will you go airport to receive him. Sanju says yes, we are eager to meet each other, I will go and prepare to welcome him. Sanjana asks him to go.

Sanju goes and thinks I m lying hundred times to cover one lie, I will get beaten when they know truth. Later at night, Khiloni asks Sanju why did he lie, now keep lying. They drink. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni asks him to go and buy wine. Sanju asks him to go to his house. Khiloni says this

wine is duplicate, what shall I do. Sanju says I got an idea, you kidnap me. Khiloni asks whats my profit. Sanju blackmails him. Khiloni says fine, I will do. Sanju says I won’t need to welcome Rajni Sir and go office, and this matter will end soon. Khiloni likes his idea and says I will kidnap you, don’t worry.

At home, Sanju gets angry and argues with mummy and Bhupesh. Kashmira tells Sanju that she will feed dosa to Rajni sir. Sanju says you make bad dosa, I won’t take you. They ask Sanju to take them to airport. Sanju says enough, no one will go anywhere, I can’t go to airport. Kashmira asks why. Sanju goes and claps.

Khiloni comes wearing a mask, and says I will kidnap Sanju. Bhupesh says he talks like me, mummy do I have a brother. Mummy says I don’t know. Kashmira says Sanju is not famous and rich, why do you want to kidnap him. Khiloni says its my mood, Sanju see bye to your family, who knows he will be alive or not. Dadi comes and beats Khiloni. Sanju holds head and sits. Mummy and Bhupesh hide. Sanju says Khiloni is my true friend to get beaten up for me. Dadi goes.

Kashmira scolds Bhupesh and asks Sanju whats all this, why did kidnapper answer me when I asked you. Bhupesh asks why did Sanju say that as if he knew kidnapper will come. Sanju lies to them. Kashmira says I will come to office with you tomorrow. They all prepare. Sanju worries and goes to meet Khiloni.

Fake Rajni comes to Sanjana’s office and dances with her. Sanju comes to office and gets shocked seeing Sanjana and Rajni Sir dancing on Lungi dance. She asks Sanju to come. Sanju says I will come later, I have work. She says just come now. Rajni Sir says I don’t know Sanju. Sanjana asks Sanju did you lie to me and shoots him. Sanju wakes up from this bad dream and worries.

Its morning, Sanju meets Khiloni and tells his bad dream, don’t know what will she do in reality. Khiloni says early morning dreams come true. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni says I can’t believe Rajnikant is coming in your ad company, why will he come. Sanju says right, but why will madam lie. They see fake Rajni selling idlis. He says I understood this, Sanjana is fooling me. Khiloni says yes, he is Rajnikant’s Xerox copy.

Everyone wait for Rajni Sir in office. Boss flirts with mummy. Rajnikant comes there. Sanjana says I m big fan of you. Sanju smiles and thinks everyone will understand Sanjana is acting. Kashmira and Bhupesh say they saw his movies many times. Mummy gets garlands and makes Rajnikant wear it. Sanjana says Rajni Sir, you know your friend is employee here. Rajnikant says yes. She asks Sanju to greet Rajni Sir. Sanju wears garland himself and welcomes Rajnikant, asking where did you get this makeup, how is your idli business going.

Boss asks how are you talking to Rajni Sir. Sanju says Rajni Sir is my childhood friend, this man is fake Rajni Sir, say truth else I will pull your beard. Fake Rajni comes and tells Sanjana that he got late. They all get shocked seeing real Rajnikant and fake one. Sanjana asks who is he. Fake Rajni says that Rajni is real one. Sanju gets shaken up.

Sanju asks Sanjana for leave. She asks why. He says I have imp work. She asks do you want leave because I will tie rakhi to you, you don’t want me to tie rakhi to you. He says yes. She jumps from building.

Update Credit to: Amena

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