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May I Come in Madam 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying I will call Khiloni. He calls Khiloni. Khiloni says I know my idea worked, no need to thank me. Sanju says your idea flopped, you go and call veg vendor Birju. He tells his plan to Khiloni. Sanju says I m waiting for you, just come. Boss says I will stitch my torn pyjamas and use this after donating all clothes, then it will be simple life. Sanjana asks how can he donate property to Ramwati. He says why not, I just thought to name all property to her. She says fine, its high time that I do something. He asks what do you have and laughs. She says I have clothes bought by my hard earnings, I will pack that and go. He says no, I will send you in taxi. She says I hate you Papa and goes.

Bhupesh and Kashmira make plans and call Sanju jealous. Sanju

says I m worried for you, if anyone hears about such things. Khiloni and Birju come and say we have heard everything. They come as CID officers and aim guns at them. Bhupesh asks why did you aim guns at us. Birju says we heard you are doing wrong things at home. Khiloni says don’t worry, we won’t do anything. Sanju kicks him. Khiloni says I mean, we will not shoot you, just arrest you. Sanju says I explained my family not to do this, they did not understand, don’t arrest me.

Khiloni slaps him and says every smuggler says this. Sanju angrily stares at him. Mummy tries to bribe. Birju gets glad. Sanju says this is wrong to take bribe. Khiloni asks Birju to return money. Bhupesh asks will wine work. Khiloni agrees. Bhupesh gets wine. Khiloni takes it and asks them to carry on their black work, best of luck. They leave. Sanju says you can’t do like this, you have to save country. Dadi comes. Mummy and Bhupesh run. Kashmira/Dadi beats Sanju.

Next day, Sanju comes to office and sees fire in Sanjana’s cabin. She says help me. He lifts her in arms. His dream ends. Sanjana tells him that she is staying in cabin and left home after fighting with Papa. He asks alone, you could have called me. She asks him will he help her. He says yes. She asks him to prepare paratha. He says I know boss is mean and doing this. She says my Papa will name everything to your mum in law, if I m out of company, you will be out of my life. He says no, how can I live without you, I mean this company, relax, I will make paratha, you have this, till then I will find solution.

Bhupesh asks mummy when will boss give his will to you. Boss comes and says sorry, I got late, I was finding my lucky pen, when I got lottery, I signed with that pen to claim the money, I will give this pen to mummy too. Sanju says wait, I want to talk to boss in private. Kashmira asks him to talk here. Boss says its fine. Sanju takes boss and asks him to check mummy’s intentions, did you think what will she give you in return.

Sanju tells how disloyal is mummy, she can do same thing with him, you can lose everything. Boss says I understood, I will test her, come. Boss talks to receptionist. Mummy gets jealous. Boss asks her when we get homeless after donating everything, will you give us place in home. Mummy says we will give place in heart. Boss says I don’t need to ask anything now, now this property is yours. Mummy says I don’t want Sanjana here. Boss asks what. Bhupesh says mummy means, Sanjana has to vacate office, we don’t like this madam. Sanju scolds Bhupesh. Boss asks Bhupesh to talk with manners, Sanjana is your boss. Bhupesh says no, now we are boss here. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to stop it, Papa is my hero always, you better beware. Kashmira asks boss to see how much Sanjana is hurt when anything is said to him, you both can fight, but papers can’t separate you. She tears papers and says mummy and Bhupesh did this drama to unite boss and Sanjana. Boss says I love you. Sanjana says sorry Papa, I love you more.

Boss is impressed with mummy’s plan to unite him and Sanjana. Sanju apologizes to Bhupesh. Bhupesh forgives him. Bhupesh asks Sanjana did she like his idea, will I get promotion. Mummy says this was my idea, I should be praised. Bhupesh says don’t lie, it was my idea. They both argue. Mummy says I want to make my will, I don’t want to give anything to Bhupesh. Bhupesh says I don’t want anything. Sanju says I wish they both fight and die here.

Boss asks Sanju to come home. He asks Sanju to clean his house. Sanju says sorry, I m not Ramu kaka. Boss asks him to do some work at home, if you can’t do anything in office. Sanju says I worked hard and got manager post. Boss says you are of no use now, will you do this work or not. Sanju says never. Boss says fine, you are fired.

Sanju tells his Raja Dada/Birju that he won’t leave this office and madam. Sanjana says people die to get such lavish life, I would have gone. Birju/Dada asks her to come. Sanju steps on Birju’s foot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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