May I Come in Madam 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode with Sanju worrying that madam has come. He calls Khiloni and asks him to stop madam from coming to his home. He tells the entire problem. Sanju fails to get saree from Kashmira.

Khiloni stops Sanjana midway and tries to make her busy in talk. He cracks some jokes. Sanjana says you are joking, and slaps Khiloni. She says I hate jokes and leaves talking to her dad. Khiloni calls Sanju and says madam came, she slapped me and left. Sanju asks did you tease her. Khiloni says no, I did like you said, don’t know why madam felt I m teasing her. Khiloni says madam is very nice. Sanju scolds Khiloni and says you don’t deserve to be my friend. He ends call and thinks he has to do something of mummy and Bhupesh.

Sanju goes to them and imagines throwing water on their faces.

He then thinks how to send them away. Mummy asks why did he come here. Sanjana reaches Sanju’s home and asks her dad not to take tension, I came to collect my saree here. She rings bell. Sanju says Dadi has come, just hide fast. Bhupesh runs to hide and thanks Sanju. Mummy asks where shall I go. Sanju asks her to go to bathroom like always. Mummy runs and hides.

Sanjana calls Sanju and says I m outside your house, please open the door. He says yes. He screams seeing Kashmira and says I felt Dadi came, she has no time to appear. Kashmira asks him to open the door, where are mummy and Bhupesh. Sanju says they went to loot free biryani. He stops her from opening the door, and says madam has come. Kashmira says great, I will meet her. Sanju says no, you can’t meet her, this is madam’s saree, I mean she will not like this color, she gets angry seeing this zebra print, she can do anything, she has come from foreign. Kashmira asks really, shall I wear yellow saree. He says no, she starts crying seeing yellow, wear pink saree. Kashmira goes to change. Sanju opens the door and welcomes her. Sanjana says I m waiting since 15 mins. He says sorry, I was taking bath. She says you don’t look so. He says I was going to bath.

She asks about his wife, brother in law and mother in law. He says they are taking bath, we run shower and sit under it, we take bath together to save water. She says thought is good, but way is very bad, why don’t you come up with a better plan. He says sorry. She says that saree, I don’t want, gift it to your wife from my side. He gets glad and says I already gifted, I mean I will gift. She says my mood changed, but I came to see your house. He thanks her. She says I will see you tomorrow in lift. She leaves. Gulabo…..plays….. he says looking forward to it. He shuts the door. Kashmira comes and asks did madam leave. He says yes, she left. Kashmira gives the saree. He asks her to wear it, she looked best in it. She asks did he get mad. He says I was seeing did you change after so many years of marriage. She smiles and goes. He thanks Lord and sits to relax.

Sanjana calls Sanju and he asks did you reach. She says mind your own business. He says fine. Sanjana says I recalled that’s my mum’s saree, so I can’t gift it, get that saree tomorrow. He gets shocked seeing Kashmira wearing it. He asks her to change it. Kashmira beats him.

Kamini welcomes everyone in Har Dard kamina hota hai show. Kashmira does cooking. Kamini says it happens when wife goes out, and husband stays alone at home, but are you sure your husband was really alone at home.

Kamini tells about checking husbands by leaving them alone at home. Kashmira thinks to check Sanju. Its morning, Sanju comes to have breakfast. Kashmira asks him to relax at home. Sanju complains about stomach ache and says its because mummy cooked food at night. Mummy argues with him. Kashmira asks him will he come for jagrata. He refuses. She says then enjoy at home, I will come back tomorrow. Kashmira thinks to catch him red handed today.

Sanjana comes to Sanju’s house. She asks was he drinking. He says yes, will you drink too. She asks him to get a towel and clothes for her. He asks will she wear jeans and tshirt. She says I will wear a bikini.. he gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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