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May I Come in Madam 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju checking lottery. He dances and says its 5 crores lottery. Bhupesh says I got rich and dances. Sanju says this is my ticket. Mummy says Sanju is greedy, lottery is of Bhupesh. Sanju says you are greedy, lottery came by my money, matter ended, congrats Kashmira, we got less, you will be owner of 5 crores. Kashmira smiles and says then ticket. Sanju says we will enjoy, our life will be colorful, madam will be waiting. He leaves. Bhupesh says I will keep Sanju as driver once I get money.

Sanju goes to office and meets Sanjana. He gifts her a ring and asks her to see. She asks whats this. He says a beautiful ring for beautiful hands, you can wear it, ot I will make you wear it. She says you jump down this balcony, or I will push you, how dare you gift this fake

diamond ring. He says no, its real diamond. She asks how did you buy it. He says I won lottery of 5 crores. She says congrats. She asks him to invest it well, don’t waste it. he says I did not get it, I got this ring by FD amount, don’t refuse it, this is nothing, I thought a lot. She asks like what. He says once I get money, we will go to hills and I will take care of the bills. She asks him to make her wear it. He says sure, and makes her wear it. He asks her to make him wear something, so that they can give a name to this relation. She says I don’t have anything, if you have…. He says let me check, and says I got this bangles for you, you make me wear this. She makes him wear bangles and sings. His imagination ends. She scolds him and says how could you think I will come with you on romantic trip, don’t forget you are my employee. He says no, I did not dream any such thing. She asks him to go.

Sanju collides with peon and they argue. Sanju makes him wear goggles and makes him boss. He scolds boss. Boss says you work in my company and asks him to be in limits. Sanju says I can buy this company. Sanjana comes and asks why are you saying this. Sanju says yes, I have complains for you too, I like you so I m ignoring it. She asks him not to say anything to her dad. Sanju asks boss to make him business partner. He goes. Boss says who has bitten Sanju.

Kashmira waits for Sanju. Bhupesh reads all the stories of rich man getting killed and another rich man leaving his wife. Sanju comes home drunk. Kashmira gets angry, while mummy and Bhupesh don’t have any problem. Sanju asks them to get lost. Sanju gives bike keys to Bhupesh, and says I bought a bike for you, go and drive it, greet me with respect. Bhupesh and mummy get happy. Sanju beats Bhupesh. Bhupesh says I will go and see bike. Mummy and Bhupesh leave.

Sanju asks Kashmira why are you smiling, come and sit. He says I will change the system of this house, and taunts her. She goes.

Later, Sanju tries to convince Kashmira. She says I don’t deserve a husband like you. He apologizes to her and says I can do anything for you. She says fine, don’t ask me to do your work. He says tell me something easy. She says you are cute and irritating, you have hurt my heart. He says its because of win, I know you have good thinking, tell me what to do to make you happy, you go for shopping tomorrow. She asks really. He says yes, I will give you money, you spend it. She says there is sale in mall. He asks her not to buy in sale, keep our level, we are rich now, buy branded saree, maintain yourself, see your clothes, its so poor class, there is no personality, I hate this small thinking, behave like rich, good night, sorry again, its my wine saying this. She gets annoyed again.

Its morning, Sanju waits for Sanjana. Sanjana comes there. Sanju sees her and talks to jeweler about the necklace worth 11 lakhs. He asks jeweler to add more diamonds in it, you make it, I will decide to whom to gift. He calls her Sanjana. Sanjana asks him to call her madam. He says we are equal now, I m rich now. They get inside lift. Sanju makes a call to tour agent and asks him to cancel Switzerland tickets, as there is nothing special there, its common these days, its just like Shimla, is there any other place, yes book my ticket there. Sanjana smiles hearing his conversation.

Sanju tells Sanjana and boss that he respects them, and wants to become their business partner. She asks him to not forget he is her employee. Sanju says fine, this job is coming between us, I quit. Boss asks him what do you want, stop it. Sanju says I want to become her life partner. Sanjana gets shocked and asks what?

Update Credit to: Amena

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