May I Come in Madam 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju giving 1000rs to Sanjana. He asks her to throw this money on that man’s face, tell him that this is final time, we will not give him more money. She asks why, did money ended. He says no, we should not spoil his character. She says he is sweet heart. She calls him and says we will meet in market and have chaat, fine we will meet in garden. Sanju takes phone and scolds the man. Sanjana smiles. Sanju says be quiet after getting this money, else I will break your legs.

Sanjana says I know, I m so sorry, he just works in my office, no I can’t fire him, come on baby, we should not mix personal and professional things. She asks Sanju why did you scold him, he is asking for more 500rs, I m not feeling guilty as this happened because of you. He says fine, but

why did you talk to him well. She asks do I have a choice, he has my pics. He asks whats in that pics. She says I don’t know what level of pics he has. He says fine, I will arrange money, request him that this is last time, say sorry from my side. She says I will pass your message, go and get 500rs now. He goes. She laughs.

Sanju, Khiloni and Kanchan drink. Sanju says I need some money. Khiloni says don’t ask for money, it breaks friendship. Sanju asks who will give me money. They look at Kanchan. She calls her husband and asks her to get vegs on loan. Sanju says you die to drink, don’t help us anytime. Khiloni says cool down and asks Kanchan to give 500rs. She asks Sanju to praise and propose her. Sanju asks whats this. Khiloni asks him to do it and acts, saying I love you to her. She slaps him. Khiloni makes Sanju say. Sanju praises Kanchan on Khiloni’s insistence. Kashmira hears this and gets angry. Kanchan gives him 500rs. Dadi comes and says now you can’t see anyone else. Khiloni and Kanchan run. Dadi throws Sanju and smiles.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana. She coughs. He runs to her and throws the bottle, saying you have drunk poison, you should have waited. She says it was cough syrup, why did you throw it. He says I know, but drinking much is bad. She says I hope it was poison bottle. He says no, you have to live a lot, take this 500rs. She says this blackmailing won’t end, I have just one way, I have to marry Manoj. He says no, don’t think this. She says I don’t have a way out, will a husband blackmail his wife. He says never. She says I will marry Manoj, he is a good guy. He asks her to leave this idea. She says no, he asked me 250rs now, I can’t ask your help, not this time. He says don’t do this marriage, I will get 250rs, give me one hour time. She says yes, hurry up.

Sanju goes to peon. Peon asks why are you crying, I will give you tear. Sanju says I m helpless. Peon asks what happened. Sanju says you can’t help me. Peon wears glasses and turns to boss. He asks what do you mean. Sanju says I have hit car and it got dent, I have to give repair charges, I was on scooter. Boss asks why will you pay, scooter slips in rain. Sanju says I will pay penalty. Boss says I won’t give money. Sanju begs him for 250rs. Boss asks what will you give me for this big amount. Sanju asks will you need my house. Boss says I want to meet your mum in law.

Sanju agrees and gets money. Boss goes. Sanju runs to Sanjana and collides with some man. Their money fall down. Sanju picks money and runs to Sanjana. He says madam, I told you won’t have problem till I m here, no need to cry now. She asks him to do, he can’t see her face. He asks why, did insect bite you. She says you could not fulfill your words. He says I did a lot to help you, please turn to me. She turns and he gets shocked seeing sindoor. He asks did you get hurt. She says this is sindoor, Manoj has filled sindoor in my maang. He runs saying Gupta made me late. Sanju goes home and recalls Sanjana’s words. He gets sad. Intezaar karta hoon……………..plays…………..

Kashmira comes there and dances around Sanju on Zara zara touch me….. She falls down and asks him what happened. Sanju says I don’t understand. She doubts on him. He says I can’t do anything. She checks his phone and asks for password. He says failed lover. She says you got saved today, one day your truth will be out, its my curse. He asks her not to cry, I hate tears and cries.

Its morning, Sanju goes to office and collides with someone. Liftman asks won’t you do watchman’s work for madam. Sanju asks him to do his work. Sanjana goes in lift and asks Sanju why did she not wait for her. He says someone has pushed me inside lift. She says you will think icecream ad idea for us, and I want you to meet my sweetheart Manoj. Liftman plays radio. Na koi umang hai………..plays…………….Sanju gets sad.

Sanjana thinks to see how will Sanju manage to give money now. Manoj blackmails Sanjana. Sanju slaps Manoj angrily. She scares Sanju saying Manoj is big goon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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