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May I Come in Madam 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chedi calling Ranwati. He flirts. She asks him to praise her. He praises her. She says you are making fun of me, I will not talk to you. Its morning, Sanjana and Bhupesh come to Sanju’s house. Bua is happy. Mummy says I have to do saas role. Bua asks what do you mean. Mummy says I will show attitude like saas. Bua says no need, Sanjana is smart. Mummy says you don’t know how smart is she. Bua says yes, she will learn everything in 4 days. Mummy says but she said just 1 day. Kashmira says just leave it, don’t worry, I will teach everything to Sanjana. Bua says Sanjana should know household work, I will stay here for 2-4 days and teach her. Sanjana says no, I will learn myself. Bua says its my responsibility. She asks Chedi to send her clothes.


asks Chedi to stay back. Kashmira asks what are you saying. Bhupesh says Bua ji its your house, stay as long as you want. Bua praises him. Bua goes. Sanju asks Sanjana not to worry, she can sleep in his room with Kashmira. Kashmira says we will think how to make Bua leave. They go. Bhupesh says it will be fun today. Sanju gets worried.

Sanju gets sleepless nights. Kashmira asks whats the matter. Sanju says I m worried for madam, she is with Bhupesh. She defends Bhupesh. He says Bhupesh is not good. She asks him not to think all this and sleep. Sanju imagines Bhupesh and Sanjana’s wedding night. They dance and sing. Sanju wakes up by the bad dream.

Bhupesh comes to his room. Sanjana says I m sleeping on bed, this is just marriage drama. Bhupesh says I will act to sleep. She asks him to sleep on ground. Bhupesh goes and sleeps on ground. Sanjana says stay away. Sanju comes and hears this. He gets inside room and beats Bhupesh. He asks how did Bhupesh try to take advantage of Sanjana. Bhupesh says no, he is away. Sanjana says Bhupesh is not doing anything. Sanju says I came to ask you.

She shows the cockroach which was trying to touch her. Sanju says I will explain cockroach. Sanju tries to shoo away cockroach. Bhupesh picks cockroach and throws it. Sanjana says wow, you are brave Bhupesh. Bhupesh praises himself. She laughs. Sanju gets angry.

Sanju meets Khiloni and asks is your wife not at home, why are you here. Khiloni says house is locked. She went to Maayka, I did not get keys, madam is at your house.Sanju says even her dad and Bua have come. Khiloni asks in which room is madam sleeping. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni asks why did you come out. Sanju says I m not getting sleep. Khiloni asks are madam and Bhupesh in same room, take leave from office tomorrow, I have some wine. Sanju says yes. Khiloni sings song. Sanju asks him to stop it. Khiloni says I m trying to make you smile.

Its morning, Sanju greets Sanjana and asks did Bhupesh trouble you. Bua comes and scolds him. Sanjana says I mean Bhupesh snores a lot. Bhupesh gets tea for Sanjana. He jokes on Sanju. Bua laughs on his humor. Sanju thinks Bua is liking Bhupesh a lot. Bua asks Sanjana not to lose this good guy. Sanjana says sure, he is a good boy. Bhupesh says now someone knows my value, else Sanju always beats me. Bua scolds Sanju. Sanjana takes Bhupesh’s side. Bua says I will go temple and pray, I will come tomorrow. Sanju gets glad that Bua is going.

Sanju goes office. He meets Sanjana. She flirts with him. His imagination ends. Sanjana asks what happened. He makes excuse. She says I was thinking till when to run away from Bua’s matter. He asks her to end it. She says I lied a lot, I was thinking to marry. He shouts no. She asks whats the matter with you, I m marrying Bhupesh. He says he is not suitable. She says he does what I say, I will be free bird. He says I will die, I m loyal and can’t see your life ruining. She says trust me, I will always stay in front of your eyes after marriage. He says I will get jealous, I also want you stay in front of my eyes. She calls him cheap man. He says no, sorry, I m saying… She asks him to get out.

Sanju tells Bhupesh that madam likes dominating men. Bhupesh scolds Sanjana. Sanju looks on. Sanjana gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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