May I Come in Madam 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju seeing Sanjana. He smiles seeing her and has doll with him. He says Sanjana, you are mine. He thinks to do some task. He twists the doll and Sanjana moves. Kar gayi chull…..plays………….. She asks him what is he doing. He says I m playing. He makes doll dance. Sanjana dances. He says now I m going to do that for which I did all this, come on my doll. He holds doll close. Sanjana comes close to him. Sanjana asks Sanju what is he doing. He kisses doll. She asks him to leave the doll, is he fine. She asks is this your age to play with doll. He says no, I like it. She asks whats this doll, its so ugly, I will get pink color branded doll, whats your choice, read newspaper, a baba is cheating people and doing fraud by giving these dolls. He checks newspaper and

sees that baba’s pic. She throws doll and asks who gave you this doll, I just hate black magic things. He recalls baba and goes hitting his head in the wall.

Next day, Sanju waits for Sanjana. He says Bhupesh may come. Sanjana comes there. He gets glad seeing her. He greets her and says you got late today. They get inside lift. He asks are you fine. She says no, I m not alright, I feel heat, grow ice mountains here, I m bored, call some cabaret dancers in office, what are you asking, why don’t you do anything interesting, I hate boring people. Lift guard plays song Phoolon ka taro ka…… Sanju cries. Sanjana shows him rakhi and ties to him. She says Mr. Sajan. He tells lift guard that radio did not stop today.

Peon comes and says I got hurt by paper. Bhupesh asks do you think we are fools. Peon says paper has wrapped stone. Sanju taunts him. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. He asks Sanju how can he say on his character, how can anyone throw letter with stone to him. Boss says that letter was for my daughter. Bhupesh asks Sanju to stop it. Sanju says then I think someone did this for Sanjana, who has done this, why did you not stop him, you are telling me now, you did not think about me, I mean your respect. Bhupesh says why is Sanju angry. Boss says don’t scold me, its some goon Mannu. Sanju says we will complaint.

Boss says we can’t complain, else Sanjana will get angry, she used to love Mannu. Bhupesh asks how can she love a goon. Boss says this is the problem with girls, they don’t like simple men like you guys, Sanjana broke relation with Mannu as the stone hit my eye. Sanju gets an idea and makes goon like faces. Boss asks what happened, are you okay. Sanju says yes. Boss goes.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s cabin. He says I have to say ad idea, I have work. She asks is work imp than me. He says no, work is also imp, but…. He shows off the gun to her. She asks him not to shoot. He asks shall I say idea. She says sure. He gets a call and acts talking to Khiloni. He says I told you many times, not to call me when I m in office, you have to kill him, I took supari. Khiloni does not understand and argues. Sanju says shut up, throw the dead body down the cliff. Sanjana hears him. Sanju says don’t get scared, I have become a goon, we did many big things well before too, this is small murder. Khiloni says I think you are drunk. Sanju says best of luck and ends call.

Sanjana says you have gun, I like guns, can I see it. She asks how does this work and shoots him. He falls down. She asks omg, was this loaded.

She asks Mr. Sajan whats happening. He comes out of fantasy. He tells about his gang of friends. He boasts and goes. Its night, Bhupesh and mummy have a talk. Sanju comes home and whistles. Mummy asks why is he so happy. Sanju argues. Kashmira asks Sanju not to argue. Sanju asks Kashmira not to take side of mummy always. Kashmira gets angry. Sanju gets up and the gun falls.

Mummy runs seeing the gun. Sanju says actually…. Bhupesh asks him to say. Kashmira turns into Dadi. Sanju asks mummy to open the door. Dadi says you wanted to kill my grand daughter. Sanju says no Dadi, I love my wife a lot. Dadi says I have seen it, how you were arguing with Kashmira and mummy. Sanju says I love mummy and respect Kashmira. Dadi says your lie is caught, you don’t know whom to love and whom to respect. Bhupesh aims gun at Kashmira and says I will not leave you today. Sanju runs from there. Ladki ki kathi…..plays…………… Dadi dances and beats Bhupesh.

Sanjana tells Sanju that she will scare her secret, and says she is chief of some gang. They join hands. She asks him to deliver a parcel and police gets after him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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