May I Come in Madam 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana getting shocked seeing Shreyas Talpade. Shreyas hugs her and says such a pleasure meeting you. She asks Sanju is he kidding. Sanju says no, don’t think much, he is Shreyas. Shreyas says its me, original Shreyas. Sanjana says I love your work, sorry for that weird reaction. He says its okay, it was beautiful reaction, Sanju’s family reactions were weird. Sanju says I will take this as a compliment. Shreyas says you have no option, get some icecreams. Sanju says I will just come. Shreyas says I don’t like melted icecream, take thing, keep the rest. Sanju says I m not office boy. Shreyas says I mean keep remaining icecreams.

Shreyas and Sanjana have a talk. He says the reason for which I came here is more surprising. She asks what is it. He says I

want to take you as lead heroine in my new movie. She asks what, you maybe joking. He says I m finding new faces, Sanju has sent his and your pics to me after seeing my newspaper ad, I liked your pics, I think you perfectly fit that part. She says now I get it, I m sorry I don’t know acting. He says I will teach you, I will be there on set. Sanju gets icecreams and says I will also be there, madam you agree, when you get known, people will come running to us for ads. Sanjana says well, if you insist, lets give it a shot. Shreyas says I m so glad and hugs her. He says I will tell the script. She says I completely trust you, we can discuss our clothes. Sanju says I want to hear script. Shreyas says why not, you are great in making stories.

Shreyas tells Sanju the story. He says I have not seen such film, we will show smuggling in first scene. Sanju says its new. Shreyas says leader’s name is Billa. Sanju says its new. Shreyas says we show a goon gets a punch and falls away, hero, inspector Ajay gets a stylish entry. Sanju says it means my entry. Shreyas says inspector announces they have sealed the place, hero fights with goons and arrests them. Sanju says sorry, I m creative head in this company, it wil be good if hero beats goons alone and no police force is along him, budget will get less also. Shreyas says I m loving you, you are talented, hero beats goons alone and locks them, hero has emotional sequence with his mother. Sanju says emotions should be there. Shreyas enacts the scene and explains Sanju. He says our heroine will enter. Sanju says madam is coming in the hot saree. Sanju imagines Sanjana. Tip tip barsa pani……plays……..

Shreyas says enough, hear scene, our heroine is performing in college function stage, hero is on duty there, love happens at first sight, a goon comes to kidnap some other girl, hero stops the goons with his police force. Sanju says remove force, its much action, do something new, that stage catches fire that hero saves her, hero gets heroine in arms. Shreyas says but this will increase budget. Sanju says we lessened in first scene, don’t take tension, we will get many scenes to cut down budget. Shreyas says right, I m liking it. He tells next scene of heroine proposing hero, and hero saying yes, then romantic scene. Sanju asks him to put hot scene, audience will like it. Shreyas says it looks your demand, I make family entertainers, clean.

Sanju says fine. Shreyas says hero goes to heroine’s house with baraat, we show heroine got pregnant. Sanju asks suddenly. Shreyas says hero and heroine are happy in love, our mail villain Billa comes to take revenge for his brother’s death, hero is not at home, hero went to get milk for his child, villain murders heroine. Sanju says then hero, that’s me, takes revenge from villain. Shreyas says no, I will take revenge. Sanju asks why, hero should beat Billa. Shreyas says you have put life in the scenes, I decided I will do hero’s role. Sanju asks what will I do. Shreyas says you will do writing, I m loving you, you write the movie script, don’t kill the writing talent by acting, I will do Sanjana’s hero role. Sanju says fine.

Shreyas likes the view from Sanjana’s cabin. She asks Sanju how did he like story. Sanju says its good. Shreyas says he is a talented guy, I like him. Sanju thinks his fate does not work. Shreyas says you made story well. Sanju says Shreyas changed the hero. Shreyas says I thought to do hero role. Sanju says I was hero before. Sanjana asks how can you do this, its fine, if you took Sanju as hero, then movie won’t work. Shreyas says I will play hero. He asks Sanju not to get sad, you are official writer of the movie, I have to get back to my hotel.

Sanjana says no, you will come home with me. Shreyas says idea is not bad, our tuning and chemistry will get better, our romantic scenes will get better. Sanju says I think you should not mix personal and professional life. Shreyas says I can stay anywhere, I m rooted to ground, I will stay with her. Sanjana says thanks, come. They leave. Sanju gets upset. Shreyas asks Sanju to put hot bedroom sequence, audience like it. Sanju says it was my idea.

Shreyas says I fell in love with you. Sanjana hugs him and they rehearse the lines. Sanju gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Movie story was funny and good,tip tip barsa …was amazing after seeing sanju’s facial expression..and nxt bed sequence…….let’s hope for the best?

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