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May I Come in Madam 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going office and greeting Sanjana. She says I m trying to find fault in this bulb. He says you could call electrician, you can fall. She asks him to hold her. He holds the stairs. She says I will fall, not stairs, hold my legs. He asks sure. She says leave it, on the bulb. He switches on and says wow, you did it. She says everyone can’t do this, I do this work when I m in stress, Papa has become alcoholic, he has gone out of hands. He says don’t worry, you tell me his drinking schedule and I will sit with him to finish wine.

She says you are planning party instead of solving problem, will you give me one good solution. He says yes, act drunk infront of your dad and create a drama, being Talli. She asks how will that work. He says it will work, be

it any father, he can’t see daughter drinking like that, I m sure Chedi will be hurt, then he will leave drinking forever. She says Papa loves me a lot, I think it will work, lets try this.

Its night, Kashmira argues with Sanju. He says sorry, its my mistake. She asks him to fight, why did he accept mistake easily. He asks are you mad, why to fight. She asks him to say bad to her, its fun. He jokes on her. She argues and asks him to be angry husband to be like real man. He says if I say you anything, your Dadi will come and beat me, I m sorry, its my mistake. He goes to sleep. She says I got a dumb husband. He apologizes to her again. She gets angry and goes. He says I won’t fight.

Its morning, Sanju comes to office. Sanjana comes acting drunk. Sanju looks at her. He asks what are you doing. She laughs and says I was acting, I practised since night. He says you look mad, not drunk, keep it subtle, Chedi will know it. She says I tried hard. They go inside lift. He says you got annoyed, learn acting.

She asks shall I join acting classes now, I have to do drama now. He says yes, I know an old beggar who will teach you acting in 2 mins. She asks how is it possible. He says you know method acting, become like the character. She asks where is that old beggar. He shows the wine and says here it is. She says everyone knows this, it will work. She drinks wine. Liftman plays song on radio. Jadoo hai nasha hai………. Sanju looks at Sanjana. Sanjana gets drunk and dances.

Sanju talks to Lalwani in the meeting. Chedi asks shall I get another cup of tea, till then Sanjana will come. Sanjana comes laughing and drunk. Sanju smiles. Chedi gets shocked. He asks did you drink wine. She says not you again Lalwani, are you not tired to sell your boring products, are you not ashamed to waste your dad’s money, he is a cheap man. Sanju laughs. Sanjana says I wish to beat Lalwani. Chedi takes his goggles and wears. Sanju says this goggles will not matter to her, see how a person becomes devil by drinking wine.

Chedi says she has gone out of hands, where did she drink. Sanju says she has drunk all bottle in lift. Chedi asks without water. Sanjana says I m your daughter. Sanju says see how wine has got over madam. Sanjana tells Sanju that he is very cute, sweet and pulls his cheeks. Sanju thanks her. Sanjana says I like to whistle seeing you. Sanju says whistle. Chedi says what do you mean, you are married man, you should refuse. Sanjana says you shut up, Sanju is a toy for me, I can play with him.

Sanju asks like what, explain. Sanjana says I will demonstrate. She tickles him. Chedi says its not good to drink in this age, Sanju take her home, she is drunk. Sanju asks her to come, she is much drunk. Chedi says I will handle Lalwani. Sanjana calls Lalwani a cheapster. Chedi says please take her. They leave.

Ramwati comes to office and gets angry seeing Chedi talking to receptionist. She shouts no. Chedi sees her and stops her from leaving. He says you are mistaken, I was just sharing my problem with Julie, I liked your jealousy. She asks why are you worried. He says Sanjana got drunk and came in meeting, I have sent Sanju home with Sanjana, their phones are not reachable. She says Sanju isa big drunkard. Chedi says I like to trust him, as he is your son in law. She says I will call Kashmira.

She calls Kashmira and informs about Sanjana and Sanju, he went to drop drunkard Sanjana home, Bhupesh and you find him. Bhupesh says call Sanjana or Chedi. Kashmira says Sanjana’s phone is not connecting, Chedi has told mummy. She slaps him and asks where is Sanju. Bhupesh says I don’t know, I think something wrong is going to happen, Sanju is handsome, what will Sanjana do with him in drunken state. She says don’t say this. He says he is also drunkard and will take revenge. She slaps him and asks will you come to get Sanju. He says no, I have work. She says I m worried, you are working, do it, tell mummy that I went to get Sanju.

Sanjana is drunk and asks Chedi what is his problem. Sanju scolds Chedi too. Bhupesh says Sanju makes Sanjana drink in office. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh and says I will see Sanju now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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