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May I Come in Madam 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking mummy to be quiet. He says Sanjana is going to come here, if she sees Kashmira in this state, then she will fire me, what will you eat then. Mummy asks him to stop Sanjana. Sanjana asks Sanju with whom is he talking. He says Sasumaa. She asks are you in bathroom with your saas. He says no one, you can come. She says I m just coming to take saree, you said your saas got attack, how can you make her work. He says my saas is very healthy, small attacks don’t matter to her. She says fine, take a pic of my saree and send on my mobile, I want to see did laundry man fade the color. He asks her to come and see, I checked it, it looks showroom type, I liked it. She says send me pic soon. He ends call and scolds mummy ji.

Kashmira is still beating Bhupesh.

Mummy says Dadi’s spirit did not go till now. Sanju says I know, I have to go out. Mummy says you will get me beaten too. Sanju says sshhhh…. Bhupesh asks Dadi to leave him. Sanju goes and mummy locks the door. Sanju tries to take the pic. Kashmira turns and Sanju gets scared. He asks mummy to open the door fast. Kashmira goes to beat Sanju. Mummy says I will get beaten up too. Sanju says please sasumaa, open the door, she is coming to me. Bhupesh says now it will be fun. Sanju asks mummy to please open the door.

Sanju cries and says Dadi don’t beat me. Kashmira says Sanju, its me Kashmira. Sanju gets glad seeing her normal and asks did Dadi go. She asks did Dadi come, what did she say. Sanju says she has beaten Bhupesh and went. Bhupesh says this is cheating Dadi. Saju asks Kashmira to pose, he wants her pic. She says you are getting romantic. He says this saree is not suiting you, change it, I will get new one, you look zebra crossing, someone will roam. She says I love this color, did you get this saree for someone else. He says no, for you only, but its not nice. She says I like it, you get another one too. He says how to get that saree. He sends the pic to Sanjana. Sanjana checks the saree and calls Sanju.

She asks why are you talking slowly like thieves. He says my throat is not fine. She says many things are happening with you, I saw the pic, did you make anyone wear saree. He says statue… she says fine, saree did not fade, I m happy. He says thanks. She asks did you wash it, why are you thanking, I will come to collect saree. He says no, are you really coming. She asks any doubt. He says no, please come. He ends call and says it won’t look good to get saree from Kashmira, if Sanjana sees Kashmira wearing saree, I will lose job, what to do, why do people wear saree. The curtain flies and he gets a chance. He smiles and goes to Kashmira.

He romances with her. She says mummy and Bhupesh are at home. He says why, we get just one Sunday, can’t they leave us alone. Sanju flirts with her and says I m your husband, I will romance with you, if mummy and Bhupesh get shy, then can leave. She smiles and says please… he says I want to love you a lot. Mummy looks for Kashmira. Kashmira runs away. Sanju thinks how to get the saree off Kashmira.

Mummy asks Kashmira where was Sanju taking her. He says hell, do you want to come. He taunts mummy ji. He says you decide will you be able to lift us. Mummy leaves. Kashmira asks are you mad to talk like this with mummy, have some shame. He lifts Kashmira and she laughs. He takes her to room. He sings hum tum…. And gets close. Bhupesh comes from bathroom. Sanju screams seeing him and asks what are you doing here.

Bhupesh asks what are you doing, I came to use bathroom. Kashmira leaves. Bhupesh says my bathroom did not have water. Sanju kicks him out. He sees Kashmira gone. Kashmira tells mummy that Sanju is acting strange and hides in mummy’s room. Sanju asks mummy where is Kashmira, I can sense my wife here, tell me where did you hide her. Mummy says don’t trouble me, I don’t know where is Kashmira. He says you know, I will find her. He messes the room. Mummy says this is my room. He says you do this in my room daily, I have come to romance with my wife, if you have problem, get lost. She slaps him. he falls down and sees Kashmira under the bed. He asks her to come out.

He flirts with Kashmira and says shayari. Mummy looks on and stops him. Kashmira runs away. Sanju runs after Kashmira and stops her. He says I have gone mad in your love. She says you are acting like a goon. He asks her to think I m goon. She says its bad. He says how hero holds the saree and pulls heroine close. She says I m shy. He closes his eyes and she goes. Mummy comes there. He holds her saree and mummy slaps him. She scolds him and asks does he not have shame. He says what nonsense. Door bell rings. He thinks madam came home.

Sanju asks Khiloni to stop Sanjana any way. Khiloni stops Sanjana. Sanjana slaps him. Khiloni tells Sanju that madam have come and slapped him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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