May I Come in Madam 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Sanju falling down and shouting to Kashmira. She complains about the fridge and AC damage. Mummy and Bhupesh also complain about damaged electronics. Sanju asks him to use his salary. Kashmira says he gives his salary to me, its all given to dhobi, I save money wherever possible. Sanju argues. Mummy asks till when will we stay poor. Kashmira asks him to ask Sanjana to increment his salary. Sanju worries.

Its morning, Sanju meets Sanjana and gives her idea to get saved from IT. She refuses to lie. He asks her to lie so that she stays rich. She agrees. IT officer comes and says we enter anyone’s office without permission. She says sorry, I know, what can I do for you. He says I m Sharma, you would have got notice. Sanju says I have to talk to madam. He tells her about

the poor family whom she adopted, she gave money to the needy for treatment. He keeps interrupting and tells about Sanjana’s generous donations.

Officer claps and says great, I did not know you are so generous, this reminded me my story, I belong to a poor family, but some rich man got me educated, today I can feed my family, I came to talk about IT, but I think it will be your insult, I want to meet that poor family just once. She says sure. He says I will meet them in evening and goes. She asks Sanju is poor family ready.

Sanju comes home and calls out everyone. He says Sanjana is in big problem. They ask what happened to her. Sanju tells Sanjana’s IT problem. He taunts Mummy. Mummy says you are misbehaving. Kashmira asks how to help Sanjana. Sanju says I told him a story that Sanjana does charity and supports a poor family, he got emotional and wants to meet poor family, its fine, we will meet him as poor family. Mummy says we can’t do this. Kashmira say this is cheating. Sanju says you have to do this to get AC and fridge, Sanjana will increment my salary when her problems gets solved.

Sanjana gets Sharma to their house. He asks is this house belonging to those poor family. She says yes, I have built this house for them. He says this house is very big like your heart, I wish I met you before. Mummy asks Sanju how do I look. Sanju says beggar, don’t go makeup. He asks Kaashmira to come soon. Kashmira comes and asks do I look beggar. He says yes, we should look beggar family and impress him. Bhupesh comes and asks how do I look. Sanju says wear anything, you will look a beggar always.

Sharma enters the house and falls down. Sanjana helps him. He says maybe fridge is leaking, maybe you did not give them money to repair it. Sanjana asks Kashmira to take mummy inside. Sanju and Bhupesh start acting poor. Sanju says we are very poor. He makes silly stories. Sanjana thinks why is Sanju overreacting so much. Chedi comes there and greets. He asks how did you like arrangements. Sharma asks him to say, your fridge is leaking, I fell there. Kashmira and mummy come and sing sad song. Sharma says I can’t see their pain and leaves. Chedi asks how did he go. Sanju says he could not see our state. Chedi says even I can’t see this state. Sanju says did you see our acting, Kashmira did great, Bhupesh was same, Mummy looks beggars head.

Sanju tells about his friend, who is innocent and went to jail. Sanjana says you are looking so upset, I will make you happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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